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Greetings From Naples Suckas!

Adventures in babysitting Day 2

The girls and I have been tearing up Naples!  Yesterday Naples Zoo and then Cambier Park to shred the killer playground.  Today a nice walk in the sun and some shopping at Waterside Shops where we tossed a couple rolls of pennies to the fountains and made some wishes.

One of Snoop Mad’s wishes was to be a BEEEEUUUTIFUL Fairy Princess. The Bean wished for the palm trees to grow big and tall and also for them to stop moving.

Greetings From Naples Suckas!, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


We’re Outtie!!

Outer Harbor, Gloucester, MA, from Stage Fort Park Submitted By Rob Tarr to The GMG Flickr Group


360° panorama of twelve shots taken on Automatic mode with a Fujifilm A400 in Gloucester, MA. Stitched together with Hugin.

Shot near the cannons at Stage Fort Park

click thew pic and select “all sizes” to see full sized view


Listening Post March 9,2010

From Sarah Garcia- City Of Gloucester Copmmunity Development Director-

Hi Joey,

A bunch of us have been meeting for a year, looking at the sad state of most of our City buildings.  Our community has to make some clear long range choices or else we’re going to be paying for emergency repairs that do not get us what we need – good buildings and easy to use services.

 SO…. We’re holding a Listening Post and hoping for really good citizen comments and feedback that we can use to guide recommendations about what to do and how to pay for it.  The Listening Post is on Tuesday, March 9th at 7 p.m. at Kyrouz Auditorium. 

Listening Post March 9,2010, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


DVD Sale To Benefit East Gloucester Elementary PTO

We have nearly 4,000 DVD’s to offer as part of our WICKED BIG DVD SALE, which is perpetually running now at The Cape Ann Community Cinema. We have all genres (but no blue movies), and the stock is in excellent shape. You can take any disc home for just $8.00, and they’re all fully guaranteed. The hours for the sale this weekend are Saturday 10AM-4PM, plus before (an hour before the day’s first show) and after whatever movie you come to see.

But where to put them all? Right now, space is at a premium, so we’re clearing out our current inventory of books with a WICKED BIG BOOK CLEARANCE SALE. So come on down and take home books at a 2-for-1 price: Paperbacks 2/$1; Trade Paperbacks 2/$3; Hardcovers 2/$5; Oversized 2/$7.

Every sale this Saturday benefits the East Gloucester Elementary PTO. If you have a group you would like to benefit from an upcoming Wicked Big DVD Sale day, please drop us a line at

Oh yeah – we’re showing movies this weekend, too! 🙂

(978) 282-1988


Well as we head into the weekend, what better way then to give away more Gift Certificates. We have 2 $25.00 Gift Certificates for two North Shore Restaurants in Beverly and Salem. We are also giving away a 1 hour massage from Tammy Silveira Massage Therapy in Gloucester. NICE!!!!  After a long winter of shoveling, this would be a great treat!!!

Just click on the photo of the contest below to enter. You can enter once a day, and we will draw the winners at the end of the month.


Win a 1 hour massage!!!!

Italian Delight!!!

Home Cooking!!

Give a Kid a Camera…

Almost 11-year-old Kylie (littlest grandkid) went out shooting with me last Friday right after the storm. I gave her the D70 to use and showed her the basics. She loved using the camera and she quickly got the hang of it. She’ll be ready for an exhibit this summer!

Straight outta the camera!

GMG Facebook Impostor

Unfortunately someone has started a facebook page titled GoodMorning Gloucester and stolen our logo.

I’m pretty disapponted and hope that the person that has done this will take it down voluntarily without me having to take time from the family while on vacation to deal with it.

I always thought the idea of a GMG fan page would be cool but for someone to steal the GMG logo ands pose as this site’s Facebook page after all the work to get GMG where it is is completely unacceptable.

So I’m asking here first nicely that if anyone has any information about it or if you are responsible please take the Facebook page down, no hard feelings.


Kipling in Gloucester – talk by Author David McAveeney

Kipling in Gloucester & Captains Courageous
 A talk by author David McAveeney at The Bookstore of Gloucester 

Two days before the launch of the Captains Courageous Festival David McAveeney, Gloucester resident and author of Kipling in Gloucester: The Writing of Captains Courageous, will present a talk, followed by Q & A, about Rudyard Kipling, his time in Gloucester and the writing of Captains Courageous.      

Kipling in Gloucester explores how Kipling came to America and to Gloucester and how this foreign writer with little American experience and no fishing experience developed what has become the defining story of the Gloucester fisherman.”  David McAveeney, Kipling in Gloucester

Origin of the title Captains Courageous  







Jimmy T Is A Finalist For Survivor And Needs Our Help!!!!

We’ve got to put the full weight of our community behind one of Gloucester’s favorite Sons- Jimmy T!  He needs our support to get on Survivor.  Please copy the url of this post and send it to your friends and family members to also vote for our boy Jimmy T.

vote here-

Jimmy is not only a great guy but he is one of the DOERS around town.  You know, the 2% of people that make 80% of the cool stuff happen.  He volunteers a ridiculous amount of time along with help from others to make the International Dory Races what they are today and continuing the great tradition.  He truly deserves to be on the show for a whole slew of reasons.

From the Survivor Website-

Vote On Your Favorite Finalist
The top 10 finalists are in. Think they have what it takes to win the game? Vote for your favorite now and one lucky winner will head to Los Angeles for an audition with the SURVIVOR casting team.
From Jimmy T-

Dear Friends and Family,

I have been blessed with the opportunity of a lifetime! My video, titled “Gloucester Fisherman” because I am so very proud of my community and maritime heritage, has been selected to the Final 10 of the “Survivor” Casting Call Contest! Whichever video of the final 10 receives the most votes, that person will likely be a castaway in season 21/22 of “Survivor”!!!

Now it’s up to you! My ONLY chance is for you to click on the link below, vote for me, and take a moment to forward this e-mail to as many friends, as far reaching as possible.

Five minute of your time could change the lives of my family!!!

Thank you so much…. your support means everything!

Jimmy T.

I’ll keep this post stickied for a while at the top of the page so if you see someone in the street just direct them to and they can click the link here to vote.
please vote early and often for a great guy that does a ton for our community.