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Last Call For Jimmy T

I am very grateful for all you’ve done! I’m taking your spirit with me when I go!

To make sure I get in, I’m asking you (for the last time I promise!) to vote one more time and to forward this to as many people as you can.

Five minute of your time could change the lives of my family!!!

 Thank you so much…. your support means everything!

Jimmy T.

Who’s got “First Flower”?

On December 6 Sharon posted a frozen chrysanthemum as last flower. What I want to see is first flower. It might reach 50 degrees tomorrow and right through the weekend. So can we make a contest for who can get a first flower posted? Crocus, Pussy Willow, even just the buds on a Weeping Willow will do it for me. Extra points if there is a boat in the background.

If there is a Crocus flowering in your yard Miss Etiquette says it is OK to drink Gin and Tonics in the backyard. Find that crocus.

Things To Do- Captains Courageous Festival This Saturday March 6

Captains Courageous Festival
Gloucester, Massachusetts
Saturday, March 6

     Experience Rudyard Kipling’s seafaring coming-of-age story about a spoiled rich boy rescued at sea by Gloucester fishermen. Classic adventure novel inspires all-day event in America’s oldest fishing community. Join the celebration of Gloucester’s rich cultural heritage.

The Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (seARTS) in partnership with local cultural groups and businesses: Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center, Sawyer Free Library Cape Ann Art Haven, Cape Ann Community Cinema and Schooner Adventure.

  • Cover-to-cover reading of Captains Courageous by community volunteers
  • Children’s & family activities, tours: scavenger hunt, rope-making, mapping & more
  • Three Sheets to the Wind, Cape Ann sea shanty singers & musicians
  • Captains Courageous (1937 film) with Spencer Tracy & Lionel Barrymore
Saturday, March 6, 2010 9:00am – 9:30pm Readings and related events are free to all; film tickets are $10

WHERE: Downtown Gloucester locations, all within a short walk of each other; see Schedule of Events for details

“If you need to know what Gloucester looks like and you can’t manage a visit to the actual place… without fail read Kipling’s brilliant Captains Courageous and see the 1937 film adaptation. It’s a small masterpiece.” playwright Israel Horowitz in his introduction to Captains and Courage

You can manage it all by visiting Gloucester on March 6 to participate in and enjoy the Captain Courageous Festival.

 See for more information.