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Inspiration for Paul Morrison

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 Photos from the 2008 Blackburn Challenge

I think everyone in Gloucester is involved in Helping Jimmy T. Get on Survivor.

After that Goal is Accomplished we have to start Helping out GMG’s own Paul Morrison cross the finish line at the 2010 Blackburn Challenge.

If you see Paul in any local Restaurants or Bars wish him luck and make sure he’s eating and drinking only the healthy stuff. The Challenge is only a few months away and we want Paul in top physical condition. Paul, Here’s a few Photos at the 2008 Blackburn Challenge finish line to inspire you.

"Mele Kalikimaka" Yeah I know It Means Merry Xmas. It's the only Hawiian I know.

The Finish Line


Last Night’s Docksider Fundraiser at Perriwinkle’s

The money has been raised for the Hawaii trip in April. The Docksider kids worked hard to get the funds together, and last night’s fundraiser at Perriwinkle’s in Essex gave the kids’ spending money. Many local businesses donated the food that the kids served.

What a hard-working group of great young people! And a community pulls together once again! Have a great trip!

Feast of St. Joseph with Mary Parisi

Saint Joseph’s Feast is approaching in Gloucester and Mary Parisi is prepared. 

  I had the honor to speak to her and see her alter and talk about the Italian tradition in Gloucester during the Feast of Saint Joseph.

See Video below

New addition to the GMG Flickr Group From Everlution Forms

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