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Roller Derby Profile- Mrs Dash Steps Up To The Big Game

Quote of the interview from Mrs Dash- “some great coaching came into play, sheer determination and the will to wanna kick some ass!”

Don’t forget to pause the video to let it load before resuming play for smoother playback

Roller Derby Profile- Mrs Dash Steps Up To The Big Game, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


GMG Paint Manufactory search for former employees

In partnership with Historic New England’s Beauport Sleeper-McCann House, the Ocean Alliance is looking to collect oral histories from those who worked at or were associated with The Tarr and Wonson Paint Manufactory in Rocky Neck, Massachusetts. If you know anyone who worked at the Paint Manufactory or have a related story to tell, please contact Iain Kerr at: or call him at: 781-259-0423, ext. 15. Thank you very much!

First Visit: LaRosa

This weekend just came up to see if there was a tree on my house but otherwise it was my shortest weekend on the island in a year. All by myself I was going to take the back road to Rockport when my grumbling stomach matched up with my view of LaRosa’s at the light. Once I figured out to turn into as if going to the State Pier I was in for an early lunch.

A search of Joey’s posts confirms it was Chef Terry who took my order of Eggplant Parmigiana in a sub roll. Terry got the TV running so I could check out the tsunami bearing down on Hawaii. How did we ever live without CNN? Seems like they are 24/7 “Run Away! Run Away!” type stories. Only a few minutes later Terry got me the goods so I was left wondering about Hawaii.

Now I would insert an up close and personal photo here but I got distracted. Thatcher Road was blocked so I couldn’t eat it while viewing the twin lighthouses. Circled back and it wasn’t until T-Wharf that I could take a bite. By that time I was too hungry for photos.

Even after the long drive the edges had a nice crispy coating and the whole thing was scrumptious. Made it to the house and fortunately not a shingle missing. Had to take an afternoon nap since I ate the whole sub. Next week I am trying the Seafood Risotto and the Shrimp Mediterranean. With the family in tow I will be able to split one so I won’t have to take that afternoon nap. I hear the mushroom soup is good too.


Cooking Classes at Duckworth Beach Gourmet

Just received an email newseltter from Duckworth Beach Gourmet.

They are now offering cooking classes, and I am thinking about signing up.
Here’s the information:

We have started to hold hands-on cooking classes twice a month in our store’s kitchen with ChefKen Duckworth. The format is interactive and intimate, perfect for making new friends who share a love for food. This is a great chance to learn new techniques or introduce your palate to innovative flavor combinations to make cooking at home more enjoyable. In each class you will learn how to prepare 3 to 5 dishes centered on a theme or special ingredient. Class size is limited to 10 individuals, and the evening includes the class, recipe sampling and wines chosen to accompany each dish.

Date: Wednesday, March 10th – Wild Salmon

Wednesday, March 24th – Farm Fresh Eggs

Price: $55 per person
Time: 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Location: 24 Washington Street – Gloucester, MA

Call to reserve your classes at 978.282.1414

Welcome To My Kitchen Studio

“Welcome to My Kitchen Studio”

 Will be an on going Art series by Debbie Clarke.

This is a self portrait from the computer screens point of view.  yup, coffee in one hand, finger on the mouse, and everything hasn’t quite settled into place.

Good Mornin' by Deb Clarke

Goodmornin’, a drawing

Aluminum leaf, sharpie marker, litho crayon on aluminum flashing 5×5″

Copyright debbie clarke
gloucester ma


BOWL PAINTING for Open Door Food Pantry


Art Haven Hosted a Free Bowl painting event to support the Open Door Food Pantry. This event is sponsored by the Cape Ann Community Time Bank with the help of Marty Morgan.

As always when Art Haven is involved, the place is packed and enthusiastic kids show up with all their talent

Play slideshow and view photos

Watch Video below