• beautiful.


  • Phenomenal, phenomenal, phenomenal. I have never seen a video on GMG that reached my heart as much as this one just did. All I can say is what an awesome video and I can only wish that I would be fortunate enough to meet him. Joey, great job on this one. Actually excellent job. He truly seems like a beautiful person. I hope he wins on getting on Survivor.


  • Oh yeah, I should read all of the top huh. Not just who posted it. I’ll tell you Joey, I’ve got most of the blogs from when I first joined. I’ll have to eventually delete some to make room for more, but this one is going in my never throw out folder. And of course all fisherman & lobstermen vids. I’ll keep. The ones with all the pictures of the lobsterboats & fishing boats. Joey, how can I throw those out. Simple, I can’t…lol…

    Well they did an exceptional job. And he seems like an exceptional fellow. I hope his wife knows that….lol…


  • Dini (Loiacano) Favaza

    Great video! I just get an exciting feeling and “lose myself” if you will,
    with GMG Gloucester.
    Thank You Joey and all the crew.


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