Local Art

We have some VERY talented people among us in Gloucester MA. One of them is local artist Kathy Roberts.

Here is a little Bio about Kathy Roberts:

One can express themselves in many ways. Creativity can be inspired by your imagination, resourcefulness or a vision you may have; something you are working towards. I choose to express myself through watercolor painting. A medium that requires dedication and persistents, but allows you to choose your favorite paint brush, color palette, and paper and finish with a painting of something you have interpreted, your own vision. I enjoy painting fresh flowers, landscapes, seascapes and still lives using lots of color.

I am a native of Gloucester, MA, a seacoast community, which has inspired and challenged me to capture its natural surroundings. Those include the views of the inner harbor, studying our numerous beaches, its shifting sands, dunes and changing tides. Daily walks around the backshore, call my attention to the changing sunlight on the warm, rugged rocks and the forceful ocean waves splashing against them. And of course our native spring and summer flowers have always inspired me to paint my interpretation of their shapes, vibrant colors and delicate beauty.

Artists often are drawn to subjects that have a strong emotional appeal. For me it is Cape Ann’s scenic coast, where I spent all my summers at the beach as a child and still do as an adult. I always feel at peace when I am painting in that environment. I look to capture the essence of a place and convey the emotion I feel with the viewer. Being on location helps me to maintain a spontaneous approach.



View of The Paint Factory

A Carpenters Dream

St Peters Square Wharf

Gloucester Sea Life


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