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Flounder Alley- Deb Clarke Wants To Know

From Deb Clarke @

had 2 visits from to my blog within the last 24 hours, one from Orlando, the other Beverly Hills. neither could spell ‘alley’, they wrote ally. what were they looking for? Flounder Ally. so, i looked for flounder alley, a long gone place that was a in the area where broad street and atlantic ave meet in boston. long gone alley. anyway, putting this here because your blog is a more appropriate place to find out about flounder alley than mine.

ever heard of it?


The Dish Stops By For Some Conversation

Jill and Kristen from North Shore Dish stopped down the dock for a great talk about their blog

We discussed some restaurants that you’ve probably never heard of but are must visit stops on your dining rotation and how some restaurants are using social media as a way to get the word out about their restaurants without spending a dime, and a whole bunch of other stuff in our two video segments the first of which will be live tonight here on the blog at 8PM.  In the meantime you should check out their blog-

Where Zat with a Twist! And a PRIZE!

Ok…you might know where this is, but now go out and take the photo. Send it on to me on the contact form below, and the first person to get the shot as close as possible to the original will win a GLOSTA t-shirt! Good luck!

Fishing Film – “A Fish Story” (2/24/10)


On this national day of protest and awareness, come share in the tale of two women who lead their communities in a battle for control of the ocean. Angela Sanfilippo of Gloucester, Massachusetts, and Shareen Davis of Chatham, Massachusetts were born into fishing families and married men who continue to make a living from the sea. Fishing defines who they are and has sustained their communities for generations. But their way of life is threatened when a powerful coalition of national environmental groups file a lawsuit that could put hundreds of fishermen out of business. Three hundred years of fishing tradition and the health of the ocean hangs in the balance.

Courtney Hayes, one of the producer-directors of the film, will present the film and host a Q&A after.

Directed by Courtney Hayes and Tim Gallagher; Not Rated; 60 minutes

Click to learn more about the Cape Ann Community Cinema.21 MAIN STREET
(978) 282-1988

It’s that Time of Year People! Roller Derby Season Begins This Saturday

This is the single greatest live entertainment you will see in the greater Boston Area.  .  I’m planning on going and you should too.  We will be running some of my favorite interviews from last year all week leading up to Saturday’s Main Event!

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click the pic to check out the Boston Derby Dames Website

Local Art

We have some VERY talented people among us in Gloucester MA. One of them is local artist Kathy Roberts.

Here is a little Bio about Kathy Roberts:

One can express themselves in many ways. Creativity can be inspired by your imagination, resourcefulness or a vision you may have; something you are working towards. I choose to express myself through watercolor painting. A medium that requires dedication and persistents, but allows you to choose your favorite paint brush, color palette, and paper and finish with a painting of something you have interpreted, your own vision. I enjoy painting fresh flowers, landscapes, seascapes and still lives using lots of color.

I am a native of Gloucester, MA, a seacoast community, which has inspired and challenged me to capture its natural surroundings. Those include the views of the inner harbor, studying our numerous beaches, its shifting sands, dunes and changing tides. Daily walks around the backshore, call my attention to the changing sunlight on the warm, rugged rocks and the forceful ocean waves splashing against them. And of course our native spring and summer flowers have always inspired me to paint my interpretation of their shapes, vibrant colors and delicate beauty.

Artists often are drawn to subjects that have a strong emotional appeal. For me it is Cape Ann’s scenic coast, where I spent all my summers at the beach as a child and still do as an adult. I always feel at peace when I am painting in that environment. I look to capture the essence of a place and convey the emotion I feel with the viewer. Being on location helps me to maintain a spontaneous approach.



View of The Paint Factory

A Carpenters Dream

St Peters Square Wharf

Gloucester Sea Life

Embarassment of Breakfast Choices In G-Town

Yesterday I took the girls to Charlies Place for breakfast and it was fantastic.  Great service, great food at the right price.

I’ve probably said it before but what the hell, it’s my blog and if I repeat myself so be it.  We have just an incredible amount of fantastic places to go for breakfast that it is ridiculous.

Note to anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to open up a breakfast joint in this town.  You had better bring your A-game because good just isn’t going to cut it.  There are too many places doing breakfast right and mediocrity will not survive here.  you have to be great to survive in the breakfast game here.

I’ve lived in a few other towns enough to know that what we have here is special.  in other towns you are lucky to have one or two good breakfast joints.  Gloucester has at least ten.  Maybe it’s because we are morning people and the fishing industry culture from the past bred a community of early risers ready for food to power us through our hard working days.

I dunno for sure but whatever it is- i Like it!

Horses on Good Harbor Beach – Enjoying the Sun

Saturday was a beautiful day, it seemed that everyone was out, and enjoying Good Harbor Beach, not just people walking their dogs, but their HORSES.

Munch-Kin and Jessie from a far, looked like two very very large dogs, and they also enjoyed the good weather at the beach.

From Above!

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Walking through Halibut point yesterday enjoying the great weather and some good conversation with David Cox, as we were searching for Mother nature to show us a sign or two that spring is on the way, a kite from above appeared and was dancing with the winds of the sea. That is enough for me to know Spring is right around the corner.