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Do Not Go To Rockport Art Association

The oldest art association in America opened it’s doors this weekend for another season. I’ve lived in Rockport for all of 17 months and I never stopped by until today. I knew there were some painters who were pretty good in Rockport but this place blew me away. Room after room of mesmerizing art.

Two killer treats. One, the Winter Group Show is just amazing. Want to feel the warmth of summer on Good Harbor Beach or a backlit green wave crashing at Andrew’s Point just walk through this gallery.

The other treat was in the back. Huge sunlit room and a dozen painters going at it. They were taking paintings which have been in the association for years and copying them. But copying is a cheap word for the works they were producing . One, a painter who was taking a shot at what his grandmother had painted 50 years before. To name names and explain would require 4,000 words so I am pulling the plug here.

Why do I want you to not go? Because my birthday present is still back there hanging on the wall. I need a second pass to decide as I narrow it down. So I do not want you or anyone else to visit the Rockport Art Association this week and steal my birthday present. That is unless you are dropping it off at my house on my birthday. Now it would be really dumb to say a Ray Crane and a Paul Ciaramitaro are the two I am zeroing in on. That is unless you rush down to get them for me.

Chickity Check It- New England Lighthouses

Sent in by our pal Monkeyfist at Casco Bay Boaters

Alexander Bray became the principal keeper of the twin light station at Thacher Island, off Rockport, Massacusetts, in 1864. Bray—a Civil War veteran—and his wife, Maria (Herrick), were both descended from old Gloucester families. Bray had been an assistant keeper since 1861.

Maria Bray was described as a woman of unusual literary abilities. She contributed articles to the local newspapers and wrote short stories, and for a time she served as the editor of a literary magazine called Magnolia Leaves. During her time on Thacher Island, Maria developed an interest in the classification of marine plant life. She assembled an important collection of sea mosses and algae, and became a recognized authority on the subject. She also learned to perform all the light-keeping duties of her husband.

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Winter Bash – Three Time Winner Virginia Burke

Virginia Burke of Beverly Mass was the Winner of the Cape Ann Animal Aid – Winter Bash Raffle, held at Cruiseport Feb 20th.   She adopted her dog “Tank” about a year ago from the Cape Ann Animal Aid, and after winning the raffle (a 42″ Panasonic Flat Screen TV ) they decided to re-donate the prize, back to the shelter to help raise money for the new facilities..

Ginny is a Three Time Winner, she has Tank, won a TV, and donated to a worthy cause.

Lovin’ my D90!

Even though this week has been one of the busiest ever, I got a chance to try out my new Nikon D90’s capabilities in low light last night at Lat 43. Usually the lighting makes it so I have to post-process in Photo Shop to pull out the image. Last night I was able to set ISO at 3200 and shoot at 1/60th at F2.8. It’s grainy but not bad. I’ve got a lot to learn, but that’s half the fun!

BTW…Mike O’Connell plays the best Allman Brothers, ZZ Top, and Tom Petty! Catch the band around town!

Nominate your favorite Massachusetts places

Posted Feb 17, 2010 @ 09:27 PM
Massachusetts —
“1,000 Great Places in Massachusetts” is a new cultural tourism program that celebrates what is unique about the state, its communities and its people. The program also aims to stimulate cultural tourism, and increase visitation to the state’s wide range of exceptional historical sites, cultural venues and natural landscapes.

The state Office of Travel and Tourism (MOTT) will accept nominations at until Thursday, April 1.

All Great Places that are nominated must be open and available to the public. Only one nomination per person will be accepted. The commission will meet later in April to draw up a final list of 1,000 Great Places in Massachusetts, which will be announced in May.

The 1,000 Great Places Commission was created by the Legislature last year. It is chaired by Eric Turkington of Falmouth, a former state representative and first House chairman of the Joint Committee on Tourism, Arts and Cultural Development.

Horses on Good Habor Beach

Video to Follow…..Beautiful Day to take your pet for a walk … even if it’s horse.