Vintage Gloucester Ad- Sea Tang! Davis Bros Atlantic Ocean Mackerel

Thank you to Monkeyfist who sent a link to this vintage Gloucester ad along.

But now down to business.  SEA TANG? Seriously, they went with SEA TANG?

 I don’t know about you but that sounds dirty to me.

I wonder what the ad execs were thinking about when they thought that one up.  It must have come from the Mad Men at Sterling Cooper. 🙂

Let’s just hope your sea tang doesn’t taste like mackerel. -Just sayin’

Vintage Gloucester Ad Sea Tang! Davis Bros Atlantic Ocean Mackerel, originally uploaded by captjoe06.



  • Deep Sea Dave does it for me. A Mackerel Flasher with a bad comb over. Where is “Gloucester-by-the Sea” and can you still visit the home of Deep Sea Dave there?


  • If it tastes like fish it’s a dish , ( so they say !! ) : ) though i’ve never found out who ” they” are ?


  • Sorry, I hit “enter” key. In error.
    Davis Bros. was one of those businesses that linked the old salt fish days and freezing. The cannery. Has anyone done reserch on the Labor wars of the 40’s and 50’s? People of the day stood up to make a better life. Recently passed Jack Thompson, Manny Lewis ( the street by Rose Baker Center), George Ingersoll, the Elliots, all our dads, it goes on, all made there names then. If you ask, they’ll remember. People were willing to work with & for those men afterwards into the 80’s.


  • The Minds always in the Gutter! I want a refund.

    Shawn sorry about posting the wrong address to that site. It was supposed to be sorry for any trouble you had.


  • Does anyone know if they also packed codfish for Light House Brand, I have a little box that says Honesty Codfish packed by Davis Bros, Gloucester Mass?


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