Sister Felicia Debuts her Sicilian Cooking On The Gloucester Times Website

Joe Langhan and Gianni Gallo produced the cooking show for the Gloucester Times Taste of The Times series.  It also includes the Homebrew show and many other recipe on demand episodes.

Once you go to the video click that second button from the right which looks like a compass with north south east and west arrows on it to see the video full screen.


  • Great Job, Can’t wait to try these. My wife makes awesome Spedini with cutlets. It’s good to see Felicia’s Normal and nothing like her Brother.


  • fabulous…she’s a natural


  • Ive got a great idea…. Lets have a man vs food challenge with Felicia’s spedini. Where do I sign up?…….LOL….. Looks good Felicia. My cooking partner Mikayla and I may have to try it.


  • Great recipe. I will have to give this a try. Could this be done with veal, or maybe even a pork cutlet?



  • So proud. You did a great job! Everyone here in Naples Florida went on the Gloucester Times website to watch the video. They’ve all printed out the recipe and dying to try it. Friends from New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Michigan, California, Pittsburg, New York have been calling me have watched and done the same. Say your the next Giada De Laurentis on the Food Network. All asking for more videos and recipes.


  • Felicia did a fantastic job ! I have had a wonderful meal at her house and she cooks with so much confidence and love ! Her food is also presented so beautifully ! It’s picture perfect !!! Keep it up!
    I can’t wait to try her recipes and I feel honored that she is sharing them!


  • I’m glad to have the the recipe. Still, I am
    one of the lucky Christmas guests who get these made for me each year. Felicia
    enjoyed watching you on the video you made it all very clear and interesting. How
    about your twice baked potatoes?


  • I copied the recipe and will try it soon. Looks yummy. I’m a great fan of FoodNetwork and Felicia did such a good job of presentation and explanation she could step right into a job on that show. Can’t wait to see more. Thanks for sharing.


  • Felicia, so proud of you! Great Job with explantations and presentations. You made it look so easy
    I sent the link to a couple of women I used to work with and they both said they were going home to try and make them! One emailed me the next day to say SHE LOVED THEM! how easy they were, and what a great dish to serve when you have a croud! Can’t wait for the next episode


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