Valentine’s Day Is Upon Us- Nichols Candy House

Do not let Valentines Day pass without hitting up either Nichols Candy or Turtle Alley.  You don’t wanna be that guy who let’s down your significant other.




  • Can I say something really obscene? I’ve never been in the Candy House. Like driving by Symphony Hall every day for the past thirty years, no big deal I will check it out really soon.

    OK, it’s on my list this weekend. They’re going to be open on Valentine’s Day? That would be a good move on my part to invite all my Valentines to the Candy House.


    • The coolest part about Nichols is the old school vibe. They’ve been doing things the same way for generations. It ooozes history. The way they wrap things, the way they lead you around the store and hand pack your box of chocolates. It’s just cool.

      Turtle Alley is the hip cool place, Nichols is the old school place


  • You sold me. Just talked to my Valentine and we have a date when the Candy House opens on Sunday at 10 AM. (At least the sign in your photo says they will open then.)


  • My mom was Walt’s first Candy Girl selling chocolates behind the counter at his first location on Main Street. That was back in the 1930’s.


  • Good afternoon, Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


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