• I liked mine better than the one you took, lol 🙂


    • You know this is another one of those pictures that I considered filler as I’ve been on vacation and haven’t had much content.

      It’s funny how the blog works. Some pictures or stories you put a bunch of time into and think wow this is really something and it doesn’t generate a single comment. And then another picture you post and debate about it being a throw away and it evicts a bunch of comments.

      The post about the sheet piling I thougt was interesting but I’m not sure anyone else did for example.

      Mike Lindberg and I had this discussion just the other day about not knowing exactly what people will react to.


      • The sheet piling was really interesting. Never knew they vibrated the things down into the muck. You told the whole story and I had no questions to ask. A little carnage would kick in a response. Take a photo of a glove getting sucked into the mire. Goofy always works too. Lick Wally next time you get your photo taken with him.

        Nice shot of the moon. Iv’e been trying to get a dawn full moon shot over Rockport Harbor for two years and have not come close.


  • Beautiful picture Joey. Totally awesome.


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