Monthly Archives: February 2010

Behind The Scenes

Here’s a Photo of  Behind The Scenes at The Video Taping of Debbie Clarke’s Reverse Glass Demo.

That’s Joey Screwing around with the Camera and Deb Clarke Holding the Unfinished demo painting. You may not recognize that guy sitting in the corner talking to Deb without a Mouthful of Food and his Signature Clint Eastwood outfit, But That’s the Infamous Food Contender Ed Collard. Fun Time.

Also Look for Deb Clarke’s weekly Post:  “Ahht It’s what I do”  premiering Tuesday at 10am.

Art work of Frances Ferro Carreiro From Manuel Simoes


This video is a clip of the art work of Frances Ferro Carreiro (1921-2001) a long time native of Gloucester.

Frances passed away in 2001, but her art still lives on. I did a video for her husband, Nicolas, now in his nineties, last year, and put this short clip to share with Gloucester. Credit goes to Carol Shaw, who did a great job capturing the art. I also believe that the MontserratCollege OfArt has a scholarship program in her name.

The music is by Maurice Ravel “Allegramente”, a favorite of Nicolas.


Wally goes to Florida this Friday

wallygoose, originally uploaded by paultmorrison.

This Friday, Feb. 12, the Red Sox truck pulls out of Fenway Park for the 1,467 mile long trek to Spring training in Fort Myers. Forget about that rat in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, this is the harbinger of spring.

I’ll be down there to give Wally a goose (see photo of me goosing Wally). If you meet me down there we can go have Italian Sausages on Yawkey Way and pretend it’s summer.

Annual event for me. Next photo I am goosing Wally a few years back: