Think Summer!

Yeah, I know Joey. More Boats!?

From the Schooner Festival. It’s almost here!


About Paul F. Frontiero Jr.

Paints and Photographs scenes of Gloucester, Massachusetts Waterfront and Cape Ann.
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5 Responses to Think Summer!

  1. Brian says:

    What’s that boat that’s front-and-center in the second photo? It’s very nice.

  2. The Name is “MONKEY”

    • paultmorrison says:

      Changing my life plan:
      1) Buy The Monkey.
      2) Sell the House.
      3) Convince wife to live on my Monkey.

      Alternative is find out who owns the Monkey and bring over good gin, tonic, and a bucket of limes and trade for a boat ride.

  3. lobsterlady2 says:

    More boats???? No such thing capeannpainter as too many boats. Never. There is such a thing as not enough boats though. Especially lobsta boats. Never enough of them. Beautiful pictures.

  4. Kristina says:

    Keep ‘em coming! Especially these tall masted beauties…

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