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Reason Number 237 That Im Turning Into My Father

I remember in my youth my father having absolute melt-downs every once in a while after going around turning off the lights in rooms that we would leave empty.

I’d look at him like he had three heads when he had finally had enough and freak out. But now I totally understand.

It’s constant. There simply is no turning off a single light in our house. At times there are probably 30 lights on in my house and it doesn’t matter if I turn them all off, the minute someone goes into another room the light gets turned on there is not even the slightest thought of turning it off until the end of the night when it’s time for bed unless I follow everyone around all day long and play light turner offer.

You would think they all got electrocuted when turning off a light one day and have been emotionally conditioned to never try to turn a light off again.

So I can see now Dad why you had those melt-downs every once in a while. You had had it with being the light police.

Almost Balmy Today

angle point, originally uploaded by paultmorrison.

The lovely thing about a cold snap is when it ends it feels balmy. Then one starts thinking balmy thoughts. The UNH buoy is reporting we are surrounded by 42 F water. That is only 8 degrees less than 50 which a nice tasty Bluefish can handle. Not too long. It’s February. That is followed by March.

Fun Fact: The rock I am standing on is called Angle Point on some old maps. The Rockport Breakwater which is in the distance on the right horizon was going to point directly at this rock. If they had stuck to that plan there likely would be an air craft carrier and support group stationed off my right elbow.

Kind of glad that did not happen.

1887 proposed breakwater:

Dave Sag Rocks Out At The Rhumb Line

Dave had a really cool instrument he was playing that looked like a skinny bass guitar.  Does anyone know what it’s called?  The thing was a work of art in itself.


Message from Brian King re: Here for Haiti

Hi there,

I strongly believe that when tragedies happen in places that are out of our reach, many feel powerless to help.
Coming together where we are, HERE, helps strengthen our energy, vision and ability to help.
It pulls us out of isolation, to join in effort and voice.  We have the power to help right HERE.

Reach out, spread the word!

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“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else” – Judy Garland

Early Morning Fishing On Gloucester’s Lady Jane Video From Frank Bealieau

 The Sunrise Amazing.   The crew works to clean fish as they have every day out fishing while mother nature puts on a spectacular show all around them.  There’s no audio but plenty to see.

We have two more videos from Frank which I’ll be posting over the next two days.