Sunday Morning Walk

Took a walk on Good Harbor this morning with Coconut. Even in this freezing weather, the dogs love to play in the water.

About Alicia

Advertising Account Manager, GMG Contributor, Dog Lover, and Vintage Hoarder. Loving life in Gloucester, MA!
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3 Responses to Sunday Morning Walk

  1. Joey says:

    What a day. How blessed are we to have this to go to every day?

    Don’t ever take it for granted.

  2. lobsterlady2 says:

    Joey, I read a lot of people writing things like that on this blog. But I hope it’s not just words because you all are truly blessed. Never take anything for granted like it will always be there because you never know. One minute you could be there & the next not. So please, please, please do get out and enjoy that beautiful city. Enjoy those beautiful boats before you or tey are gone. Live like today is going to be your last.

  3. lobsterlady2 says:

    Oh, how ignorant of me. Those pictures are beautiful Alicia. I miss having a dog. Never been without one untill now. Take care.

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