Jay Aptt with Dave Sag – Rhumb Line Thursday

From Dave Sag

In continuation of our new meat series, we are proud to present Mr. Popin Jay Appt, erstwhile plumbing magnate and glitarist non parieil.Y’all know Jay from his machinations with the Mikey O. Band; breathing new life into the septum of Fishtown and wrecking your vestibular nerve in the process.We’re glad to have him; It’s his first time , so please be gentle.
Adding to the pyrexia will be L’il Steevie Chaggaris, on Skins and symbols, one of our stalwarts, as well as Greg T.,on catarrh and myselph, on base.I’ve just started a rumour that Mikey O. is gonna drop his apron and come on down for a bit, to show us how it’s done. If so ,I’m gonna wear my white shoes. Why not be the first on your block to rock yer socks with some blues in a box?

And, for those of you in the joint-replacement crowd, next Monday from 1 to 3 pm at the Rose Baker Senior Center, I’ll be exercising my rights with the Good Old Salty Jazz Band. This is a fun outfit…and I’m not the oldest member!….for a change. Anyway, there’s dancing and coffee and someone always brings cookies or something, so c’mon down. It’s just like an A.A. meeting without the guilt and speeches!

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