• Thank you for pointing out that harbor seals like to sniff fins. Since one surfaced ten feet from me while snorkeling I no longer think they are cute. They look like robotic human skulls with black soulless eyes wanting to snack on your liver when you see them up close in the water.


  • Please welcome new GMG contributor Alicia Pensarosa. Alicia, I have a question. Is there any good places to snorkle in Gloucester? Also what would you recommend for a snorkling apparatus brand?


    • Salt Island is great, you can swim with the stripers and then lay out on the beach to warm up. Coves are great too, lots of macro things to see.

      Cape Ann Divers sells a lot of great products, I would recommend trying on a few masks to get the perfect fit and a semi-dry snorkle so water doesn’t splash in. Fins are a must if you are going to swim far. Brands don’t really matter, it’s more of a personal preference on fit, look and comfort.


    • Welcome Alicia! I hope you ready for the early AM Call to go cover some event.
      Joey goes all out to welcome new Authors to his Blog. Well, some of you guy’s anyways.


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