Gloucester Native Shrimp Headed and Ready To Cook

Last night we went over sister Felicia’s house for a dinner of native shrimp, pasta with teh shrimp and fried haddock.  While there we shot a video which you won’t want to miss. 

Felicia shows you how to cook the shrimp and make the perfect sauce. Look for it tomorrow night at 6PM

Gloucester Native Shrimp, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

click for larger version



  • Dumb question but where did you get the shrimp?


  • Never had Gloucester Native Shrimp, where are
    they caught and are they salty? Do you cook
    them all the same ways as gulf shrimp?


  • Guess I’ll find my answer tomorrow night, on the
    video..(just read the rest of the shrimp blogging)

    Don’t know if I can eat those spawn though, don’t
    they come off when you peel them, they look like
    the’re still on the peeled photo. Look great in the
    sauce though. Bread and sauce what a great lunch!


  • Hey! I was just wondering about the spawn/roe… I got a batch of these today at one of the Gloucester fish markets, and when I got them home, I thought they were really, really dirty until I put my glasses on and looked at them. WoW! That’s a lot of eggs!

    So – are they edible, (and tasty?) for future reference?


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