Santa Arrives Saturday in Rockport!!!

Just one day left. How will the kids get to sleep tonight?


Santa rounds Bearskin Neck at 3:45PM Saturday. He then offloads at the Tuna Wharf (that’s the pier with the Fudgery. I like to say Fudgery.) Santa then gets on an old Fire Truck (have you seen the youtube of the baby saying Fire Truck?) for a quick ride to Dock Square.

Santa comes up from Bearskin Neck on the left and the tree that he lights is right in the middle of Dock Square at 4PM. Boy, I need to update my photos which I will tomorrow. I will have an orange jester’s hat on just like Sean’s (but will not be wearing a jockstrap) and my daughter will have a Santa hat on. We will be hanging out at the hot chocolate and cookies or saying hello to the harbormasters Scott Story and Rosemary Lesch who will have escorted Santa’s boat into the harbor.

Photos posted to GMG no later than Tuesday at my normal time slot at 2PM. If you have never seen this you have to come down. I witnessed this event for the first time last year. Even the Grinch’s cold cold heart would melt by the sight of dozens of small children jumping up and down screaming, “IT’S SANTA, IT’S SANTA!!!” Mine was warmed and then I started screaming “IT’S SANTA!!!”

Fun Fact: It has been proven that screaming warms the peripheral blood system. Since Santa has ordered at least 4.7 million snowflakes to dust Rockport tomorrow you need to join in.


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