Tonight is the night- sign ins for our contestants will be at 7:30PM.  It’s going to be a battle royal.   Won’t you come and join the fun with us and be part of the videos and pictures?

We’re gonna amp up the excitement for this one with a whole slew of surprises!

Ed Collard, Big Lar’, Jeremy Guyotte, Chupo, Dangerous Dick Low, Chris Doe, Jamie Re,Mikey Tigger The Two Foot Taylor, and Jalapeno Timmy will be competing.  Bring your signs, bring your appetite, come on down and cheer on the contestants.

Click this link for directions-

233 Western Ave, Essex


  • After that Jalepeno Terry interview, (WTF an H1N1 pig weaned on jalepenos!?!) I will be there at 7:30 to officially throw in my towel and wave the white flag.

    I’ll be bringing a lab coffee mug and T-Shirt to add to the winnings of the top pig.


  • OK, watched all of these videos (which should be sold as a dance mix) and I gotta say is it the water? Because you have an unusual cast of characters out here on this island. In Woods Hole the locals only got squirrely in February when they were iced in for too long.


  • well, Joey! it’s thursday night, so you must be there right now! I love listening to these interviews! they are hilarious. very fun! the poor contender who doesn’t care for hot food, the partner who’s got the poncho-bib ready to go, the guys who have been training, the ‘I suck’-in-a-friendly-way sponor, Mr H1 Pink… it looks rough & tough.

    ok. you’ve got us: we’re coming up, and down! me, Tugster & MonkeyFist are coming to see the headquarters of Good Morning Gloucester for ourselves…I know your office is some bar there, and we’re going to find it!…drink our way to finding you… after which, we’ll see two of you…i’ll give ya a ring!


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