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Jalapenos Night To Benefit Gloucester/Ipswich Gymnastics Team

Help Support the

Gloucester/Ipswich Gymnastics Team

and Iron Rail Gymastics

at Jalapenos Night!!

Wed. November 11th 4:30-9:00pm

Eat in or take out (978) 283-8228

86 Main St. Gloucester

Proceeds will be split between


Gymnastics Team

for the team banquet

and for

Iron Rail Gymnastics for

new pit foam

50/50 tickets to be sold at the restaurant

(There will be no practice this night, Wed. Nov. 11th.   We would like all team members and families to be able to attend.)

Art Haven Beseler Dark Room Equipment

Art Haven be a part of it- use it- get involved.  That’s what it’s there for!

180B Main St.
Gloucester, MA 01930
Tel: 978-283-3888

Art Haven Beseler Dark Room Equipment

Art Haven Beseler Dark Room Equipment

Art Haven Beseler Dark Room Equipment

click this text to check out Art Haven’s Website


IMG_0346 Yesterday Grandkid #4, Kylie,took this picture out the car window with my iphone as we rode down Rte. 2. She was surprised to see this image when she looked back through the photos and showed it to us. Her dad, who is a avid ghost hunter, was stunned. We were talking about my mother and her ancestors at the time. Creepy. No explanation.

Well, we got to Amherst to see Cait cheer and watch the football game (UMass 37 -Northeastern 7). On our way to get some lunch, Kylie showed Cait the photo.  She freaked out and thought we should go right to the local newspaper to report the “ghost”.  In between Cait’s screaming and everyone talking about the possibilities, I heard Kylie say something about an “app” (Ghost Capture).

At that instant I knew we had been tricked by a 10 year old. She laughed so hard she cried. The rest of us threatened to do bodily harm, but it was one of the best practical jokes ever played on our family. Now it’s our turn!

Cook Book To Benefit Temple Ahavat Achim

From Miriam Weinstein-
Want to eat well and do good? Get yourself a copy of the brand new cookbook put out by Temple Ahavat Achim. Yes, they are the folks whose historic synagogue building burned to the ground almost two years ago. They have published Our Best Recipes to help raise money for the new Middle Street building. Check out Mom’s Stuffed Cabbage, Second Best Challah, and Moroccan Lemon Chicken. But why are the dessert recipes first?
Buy the book, $12.50 for one, $25.00 for two, at Mark Adrian Shoes, or The Bookstore, both on Main St. in Gloucester. Or send a check that includes an additional $5.00 for postage, to Temple Ahavat Achim, 33 Commercial St., Gloucester.  978 281 1626.


Christmas Parade Info From Suzanne Silveira

From Suzanne Silveira-
Joe – I’m trying to help Joe Ciolino get the word out.  Can you help???????   If you could do something on your blog, that would be great!!

The annual Christmas Parade this year on November 29th is being organized by Joe Ciolino and others. Parade organizers are looking for Christmas themed floats and bands. The parade will start at 3:15 this year from the State Fish Pier. It will end at Kent Circle and will be followed by the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. People and floats can begin to line up at around 2:00 PM.

Anyone interested in making donations to make this annual event successful can do so by sending donations in care of the Gloucester Fund, 45 Middle Street, Gloucester, MA 01930. Please enter “Santa Parade” on the memo line.

Help pass the word about the Parade to others as time is short. This is a community event and needs community support. For any questions, please contact Joe Ciolino directly at 978-281-1227.

Ed Collard Says- Bring The Heat You Gringo Bastards!

You may ask why a grown man from the North East is wearing a poncho.  You may also ask why this man is visibly upset.

Well after watching Big Lar’s video in which Lar was humble about the upcoming Hot Wing Challenge At The Farm Bar and Grill Ed felt he needed to come down to the dock and make a statement.

Ed says “Bring the heat you gringo bastards!”

Don’t forget to show up at The Farm Bar and Grille Thursday night at 7:30PM for the GMG/Farm Bar and Grille Hot Wing Competitive Eating Challenge.  It’s going to be a wild one.

Look for Ed’s video this afternoon at 4PM

Caption Contest- Winner Gets Two Dozen Of Laurie Lufkin’s Cookies

Laurie Lufkin Has Agreed To Provide 2 dozen cookies to the winner of the caption contest for this picture.  Laurie and her mom will be the judges.

Deadline 9AM Monday Morning for entry.

put your caption in a comment for a chance to win 24 Laurie Lufkin Cookies!