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The Adventures of Mikey & Finlay

Page_1Hey GMG sports fans. Sorry I havn’t posted in a while but it’s been a crazy week at work. I have been traveling up and down the east coast like a yoyo. Anyway I hope to be posting on a regular basis again. I guess this really knocked me down on the ranking. LOL! Have a great weekend!! TGIF!

Andrew’s Point Sunrise.

I’m going to try to post photos and stories of things that I have seen in the past few days but for a week or so I might have to cheat and use some older stuff:

Andrew’s Point at sunrise on September 27:


I liked this one because of the pink cloud a third of the way up above the sun. Doesn’t it look like a lobster?  This pic is also a test of how this site handles large photos. This one was trimmed to just under a megabyte which hopefully resides behind the thumbnail with a click of the mouse.

That’s all for this cub reporter today since as I drove to work today in my truck munching on my breakfast sandwich I think I threw a rod. (Can I have a pound of whatever you’re grinding there?) 160 thousand might be the last mile on that puppy. The Ford Focus rental is kind of snazzy.

Gloucester Mugs At Bodin Hstoric Photo

Bodin Historic Photo

82 Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

(978) 283-2524 (888) BodinArt


to visit Fred’s site click the link-

Taking a few days off….

The family’s heading out to Amherst this weekend to watch Grandkid #1  cheer for the UMass football team. For all of us it will be a well-earned mini vacation. We’re looking forward to seeing Cait and getting out of town.

See you on Monday with a new WhereZat contest! Have a great weekend!


Cathy Tarr At Cape Ann Lanes For Cape Ann Beer and Blog Event

Bowling is fun.  As Cathy said to me last night- Once you are there and bowling everyone has a great time!


Cathy Tarr At Cape Ann Lanes, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Mary At Cape Ann Lanes

Sharon and David Cox At Cape Ann Lanes

David Cox and His Pretty Pink Bowling Shoe Laces

Mike Foley Reacts After Bowling A Sub Par Frame

I regret that I have no picture of Brainfix.  Boo Joey