New GMG Rockport Reporter!

Joey is tired of me posting my “sick and twisted humor” (his description) comments on GMG and so has invited me to post on GMG at 2PM every day. I might not be able to do that every day but if I can post at least one photo of the sunrise from a Rockport vantage point with a comment here or there about what is happening to the east of the oldest seaport in America I’ll be doing good. I’ll also certainly post about Gloucester itself from the point of view of the newbie to Cape Ann. I’ve been renting in Gloucester and visiting Cape Ann for thirty years but as of last year am now partially moved to the island.

Another sentence about me. I grew up in Woods Hole but was not born there so I know the definition of local, tourist, townie, and newbie. Although my best friend from high school went long lining swords on Grand Banks I won’t pretend to know anything about the fishing industry. I’m a scientist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for the past 30 years and probably won’t talk about my day job much either.

Instead, a paragraph about something that might be of interest to GMGers. For example, and just to see whether I know how to embed a photo on this site, last year I was on Bearskin Neck as the Freemantle Doctor rounded up to drop Santa off on T-Wharf in Rockport:

SAnta on the Freemantle Doctor

A quick search for “Freemantle Doctor” on GMG shows that Joey must know Santa personally. Not surprised one bit.

Fun Fact: Freemantle Doctor is the name of a cooling afternoon sea breeze in Western Australia. Who knew?

Santa will again be visiting Rockport Harbor this December 5th at 3:45PM to light the Christmas Tree in Dock Square. Mark your calendars.


  • A TOWNIE! God (if there is one) Help Us. I think Joey crossed the town line this time.
    Just make your posts a little twisted like your Doctored photos and comments.
    Have Fun.


  • I was hoping fopr a medical chart with the terms for the different parts of teh chicken wings to help judge the GMG/ Farm Bar and Grill Chicken Wing Challenge, but this will have to do for an introductory post.


  • Welcome Paul! Looking forward to reading your posts every day–or almost every day!

    And one last word about your job–and then that’s it I promise–thank you for doing what you do every day for Dana Farber. My family and I are HUGE Jimmy Fund supporters and have raised as a Jimmy Fund Walk team over $250,000.00 to support your work in memory of my Sister Sarah. Keep it up.


    • And everyone here appreciates every dollar that comes in through the Jimmy Fund. We write grants and get NIH funding but the Jimmy Fund and all that everyone does on its behalf makes a huge difference. I’ve got a computer without “test-tubes” (see Joey’s interview of David Cox for that to make sense) which can actually get me a photo of chicken wing anatomy moments after I think of it.

      I could get all altruistic and all but I really love working here. Either that or I am nuts since I am in my 30th year.


  • One, There’s no such thing as sick and twisted humor. Two, please find a cure. Three, Thanks so much for the info on the name on the lobsterboat Freemantle Doctor. For years I’ve been trying to figure that one out. Now I know thanks to you.


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