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New GMG Rockport Reporter!

Joey is tired of me posting my “sick and twisted humor” (his description) comments on GMG and so has invited me to post on GMG at 2PM every day. I might not be able to do that every day but if I can post at least one photo of the sunrise from a Rockport vantage point with a comment here or there about what is happening to the east of the oldest seaport in America I’ll be doing good. I’ll also certainly post about Gloucester itself from the point of view of the newbie to Cape Ann. I’ve been renting in Gloucester and visiting Cape Ann for thirty years but as of last year am now partially moved to the island.

Another sentence about me. I grew up in Woods Hole but was not born there so I know the definition of local, tourist, townie, and newbie. Although my best friend from high school went long lining swords on Grand Banks I won’t pretend to know anything about the fishing industry. I’m a scientist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for the past 30 years and probably won’t talk about my day job much either.

Instead, a paragraph about something that might be of interest to GMGers. For example, and just to see whether I know how to embed a photo on this site, last year I was on Bearskin Neck as the Freemantle Doctor rounded up to drop Santa off on T-Wharf in Rockport:

SAnta on the Freemantle Doctor

A quick search for “Freemantle Doctor” on GMG shows that Joey must know Santa personally. Not surprised one bit.

Fun Fact: Freemantle Doctor is the name of a cooling afternoon sea breeze in Western Australia. Who knew?

Santa will again be visiting Rockport Harbor this December 5th at 3:45PM to light the Christmas Tree in Dock Square. Mark your calendars.

Why Not Bowl?

Udine4less_LOGO2Through my travels of finding and creating great restaurant deals, I have also found some other businesses in town that give a good deal or two. One of those businesses in town that gives a great deal is Cape Ann Lanes. I am not sure how many of you have visited Cape Ann Lanes since it has been revamped, but the new owner has done a fantastic job. It is a great place to take your family, or just head out for a night with friends. The fact that I can go bowl a few strings and have a beer is good enough for me. The repainted, added new features, and put in some fantastic wide screen screens. Truthfully in my eyes, one of the best alleys on the North Shore. And yes – we have a GMG deal alert. You can get a free string of bowling for all in your bowling party…..Check it out below.





Keller @ Large Is An Idiot

In a blog post yesterday Jon Keller from CBS News insinuates that there is merit in boycotting lobster because same sex marriage got defeated in Maine.

Hey Dopey- do you realize that there are lobster industries in other states than Maine you fucking idiot!  States like Massachusetts.  Having nothing to do with gay rights or same sex marriages which I support BTW, why the hell would you punish the men and women that have no stake in the battle- lobstermen?

You can read the idiotic premise here-

Keller @ Large Blog

Posted by Jon_Keller cbs news-

After last night’s defeat in Maine, same-sex marriage is 0-for-31 when it’s gone before voters.

Some gay-marriage supporters are talking about a lobster boycott in response, and I think there may be some merit to the notion of moving away from civil rights arguments which (however well-founded) open the door to pushback from anti-marriage forces who contend their rights are threatened by legalization, and instead emphasizing the economic clout of gay consumers and their sympathizers. Don’t forget, Rosa Parks was part of a boycott of the local bus company that succeeded where protest marches had not.

So I ask you: would you honor a lobster boycott in protest over the Maine vote? And would you advocate a tactical change to economic pressure by the gay-marriage movement?

Downtown Walk Info From Dawn Gadow

Hello downtown friends,

I’m writing to let you all know about what we’re plotting to help bring downtown into the Middle Street Walk festivities on December 12th. As the Middle Street Walk will essentially be ending by about 4:00 and we at Art Haven will have ice sculptures and buoy painting going on all day during these festivities, we thought that a lobster trap tree lighting ceremony would be the perfect culmination of the days events. However, we’d like to make this lighting ceremony into a much bigger event than it’s ever been, and we’d appreciate your help in that in any way possible. So, here’s a list of the things we hope to have going on between 4:00 and 6:00 on the 12th followed by a list of immediate action that needs to be taken. Please don’t hesitate to voice your opinion if you have suggestions or ideas for us to improve what we have already started planning!

What will be happening: 4:00-6:00pm, December 12th

  • Lobster trap tree lighting (around 5:00)
  • Performance by local bands/choirs
  • Revealing of the Art Haven ice sculpture
  • Hot cocoa and refreshments available
  • Santa Claus in the Brown’s Mall
    • Gift wrapping at the same time in the basement
    • Action Inc.’s Project Uplift will be there
  • A Christmas movie at Cape Ann Community Cinema

What needs to happen now:

  • Collection of lobster traps and buoys: contact Art Haven at (978) 283.3888 or contact Jeff Worthley at (978) with contacts
  • November 28/29: Need volunteers to help set up the tree (contact information from above)
  • Restaurant and shop owners: Interested in offering a Christmas Special/Dinner with Santa? Let us know.
  • We’re looking for a group interested in doing gift wrapping in the Brown’s Mall.
  • Looking for groups that are interested in volunteering their time and musical talents
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this email, we appreciate any help you can offer at this point as we start to really get things together for this event. And again, don’t hesitate to throw out any ideas that you think could make this event even more fantastic! Great things are happening downtown and we want to keep them going!

Dawn Gadow and David Brooks
Art Haven
(978) 283-3888

Gadow, Dawn