Native Clam Plate $7.95? What?

Udine4less_LOGO2Ok, I wouldn’t of believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes. There is a new restaurant in town called Culina’s. They are on Washington Street where Trupiano’s use to be back in the day. A few places have come and gone, but the newest owner that has inhabited the building is trying something pretty bold, and from what i hear, pretty tasty. Dan down at Culina’s is offering a Native Clam or Scallop Plate for $9.95. Now wait a minute, thats not all. Dan has put up a coupon on Udine4less that will take an additional $2.00 off the price to bring it down to $7.95. Yes – I said $7.95 for Native Clams, Fries and Cole Slaw. As I am writing this, Culina’s is closed for the night, or I would have gone down and took a photo for GMG to behold. Right now, Culina’s is a takeout restaurant, but soon may add a few tables for dining in. I do promise to get a photo and post it here soon. In the mean time, looks like we  have a GMG Deal Alert!!!!


GMG_Deal Alert

Culina Coupon


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