GMG Passports Man Vs Food Challenge Preview

For anyone who completes The Man vs Food Challenge they will get their burger for free and a Limited Edition Passports “I Finished The Rogue Burger” T-Shirt limited to the first six people that sign up in the comment section of this post. Come on down 10AM to cheer on our contestants!


  • Can I nominate Ed Collard?


  • With bacon and cheddar? Can I have a doggie bag if I lose?

    I was in the peanut gallery for the breakfast challenge and that is where I will remain eating a quarter pounder.

    Keep this up all winter Joey. Spring will come sooner. 😉


  • So far we have two slots out of six taken. FOB’s Ed Collard and Paul Morrison will be taking the Challenge. I will keep this post stickied until we get all 6 slots filled.

    Who is going to step up? we will be taping promptly at 10AM on Saturday.


  • Although I was only in for a quarter pounder (boy, I was looking forward to the doggie bag) I am going to have to take a raincheck. Someone wrote me in as the designated driver for three girls and a soccer game at 9 AM in Lexington.

    While standing by the field in a cold morning rain I will be thinking of a hot burger. With bacon, and cheddar, and a toasted bun.


  • Larry told me he was in on this, Joey- I hope you have a slot for him and his friend kevin?
    lokking forward to watching this – see you sat morning!


  • How many signed up am one six


  • Let me know if I’m in


  • we have two open slots.

    leave a note here if you want in.


  • Well……….. we’re waiting for the results…..


  • Family day my patootie you cannot leave us hanging like the last time. Did someone put it away?
    I drove by Passports at 2PM and everything seemed to be normal. Door in place, no plywood covering the windows, happy couple chomping on a burger in the window. Does that mean a burger was polished off?

    Speaking of happy couple, I was going home driving along back beach in Rockport and had to stop as I was chatting on the cell with my high school bud who had just had his hip replaced. Couldn’t go further as the granite would kill the signal.. He can go capt a boat in six weeks. Good news. As I was sitting there my daughter says, “he’s proposing!” And sure enough some guy is down on his knee on the breakwater handing over the ring.

    As we drove off it was kind of obvious she said yes. Kinda choked me up like a 2.5 pound burger would. Hold the fries.


  • Thank you for letting me walk in hungry and have a place at the counter today. My husband is enjoying the last of that magnificent burger this evening, glad that he has such a lucky wife.


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