Gloucester Crossing Market Basket

Much like the Danvers store there were plenty of cashiers on hand and check out was a breeze.  The staff is very well trained and helpful.  My guess is that they are trained that if you make eye contact with them that they are supposed to ask if you need help finding something because every single employee I looked at asked how they could help.

As I was leaving the store with my three small bags of groceries a young man asked if he could carry my groceries to my truck.  I didn’t need the help but I imagine that women with children or elderly folks would really appreciate this service.

If you listened to the video interview the Director of Operations Manager David tells us they hired over 270 new Gloucester employees.  That’s pretty damn good.  I understand that these aren’t the highest paying jobs but when you see these teenagers dressed in ties and well groomed showing up for work it’s a whole lot better than seeing them kicking around unemployed on the street.

If a family of four spent an average of $200 per week on groceries before Market Basket came to town, that bill will be reduced by at least $50 per week.  That’s $2600 per year which goes directly back into Gloucester households.  For some folks that’s a tax bill for the year.

Gloucester Crossing Market Basket, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


  • Gee Joey….That 2nd pic looks like a bowling alley with shelves!


  • Market Basket’s secret in always having enough cashiers is that since they stock constantly during the day these staff can be redeployed to the registers at a moment’s notice. Not stocking overnight like other supermarkets also means that MB doesn’t have to figure all of that time and a half into its operating overhead. Can’t wait to make our first trip to the Gloucester store tomorrow!


  • I went to MB on Wednesday afternoon and was so happy to be there! The staff was great, I was able to speak directly to the store manager about a specific baking product I hoped they could stock and got in and out of the check out so fast!

    I asked the cashier how it was going and her response was, “Everything is going great! It is so wonderful to see something as simple as a grocery store make so many people happy!”

    I usually go to the store in Danvers on Endicott street only because living on the Hamilton side of Essex it takes me only a few minutes to get to 128 but now that I have a choice to go to Gloucester, especially when doing other errands, there I will be going to the new store often.

    Perhaps they would like to sponsor my television show? Those groceries don’t pay for themselves!


  • it always irritates me that they are stocking shelves at Market Basket when the store is so cramped, but now that you explained the reasoning behind it,Tom…i can deal better…although, i always see the same people stocking shelves (at the Middleton store) yet have never seen any of them working a register. so i don’t know if i can agree with that part of your explanation..


  • Loving it… Clean, great samples, actually had lunch with samples yesterday, pleasant and great prices… lots of cars from out of town in parking lot.. that is a good thing.


  • I go around to all the stores (that is MB, TJ’s, Shaws, Hannaford, and rarely Stop and Shop) to take advantage of all their bargains. Impressed with the Gloucester MB, but there is small real savings for me here as I do the Shaws get $15 back when you buy $30 (based on regular price and the value of sale priced goods can be lower as long as the regular prices add up to be $30 or more). I’ll still go to my full rotation and shop 1-2 stores that I listed per week (as I go out to Peabody to work anyway so any of the stores are convenient for me), especially when Shaws has their coupon sales. Like one transaction I did at Shaws is 6 Breyers for $17.94 (at $2.99) each and get back $15 to make it a net cost of $2.94 since I went back to spend those coupons. That means I got 6 Breyers for at the price I’d otherwise pay MB for 1.

    So as far as I am concerned, MB is great, but you can still reduce your bill far below their prices with not much additional effort. Also, hearing from other my family in other areas, MB tends to put a great show on when they open up a new store, but it steadily declines thereafter. Such as there is one in Lowell MA on Fletcher St. that they put a good show on for a year, and then it steadily declined and is now a big dump to shop at.


  • Market basket is nothing special I prefer Stop&Shop over them any day, I would rather spend another 5 bucks then deal with the chaos and aggrivation. The quality at Stop&Shop is much better and there stores ane much nicer.


    • No way! Market Basket BEATS Stop & Shop (and Shaw’s) anyday! No stupid “loyalty card” to deal with and always lots of cashiers and friendly clerks. You keep paying more and more for all the glitz and I’ll keep saving that extra money I can use elsewhere.


  • kfitzpatrick-morrison 1 frank st rockport, mass.

    market basket is just great’ the prices are fabulous ,the food suburb, and the staff extremely friendly. What more could you ask for.


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