Chickity Check It- Marty Luster Captures Gloucester

Marty Luster came to town last weekend with son and FOB Brian Luster from A Movable Bridge

Marty is a serious photographer from upstate New York.  We got to hang out at the dory raffle and then the next morning when I brought the boys to George’s for breakfast.  When Brain and Marty stopped down the dock they got a treat because Jay Albert was here so they got to talk photography and blogging while I worked, lol.

So anyway when we went to breakfast we got to talking about Marty’s photography and I told him to be sure to send me a link to his pictures that he took of Gloucester once he gets home and has time to upload them.

You never know what people are going to take pictures of when they are here.  There’s so many pretty things and industrial things, you just never know what perspective someone takes when they are from out of town and what they see through the lens.

Marty sent me the link to his Gloucester photos and he sent it to Jay also.  Jay said something to me yesterday about Marty that was dead on- That Marty captured the essence of Gloucester as a working port.  True dat.

Marty Luster Photo From Gloucester

Marty Luster Photo From Gloucester

To check out Marty’s work from Gloucester click this text


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