JJ Jinglenuts Latest Victim

When I pulled into the driveway last night after a long day at work our cat JJ Jinglenuts scampered off the walkway that leads to the entrance at the homestead.

What he left behind was his latest victim- this here mouse.  I didn’t even think to stop and take the picture because I was hoping I could catch the Bean and Snoop Maddie Mad before they were fast asleep.  Luckily The Bean was still awake in her bed.  I gave her the news that JJ got a zucchi (what us Sicilians call mice).  I told her that the zucchi was still on the front steps so she could see it if she wanted.

But then she started asking questions.  She asked why it didn’t run away to which I said “because JJ got him”.  Then somehow or other it got around to the fact that the zucchi was dead.  She said-  “so he’s sleeping?”  I said no, he won’t be waking up, he’s dead.  I suddenly became terrified at what questions she was going to ask next because I really hadn’t thought the whole what happens when you die thing through.  -So I winged it.

I told her that the zucchi will be going to heaven and visit Grandma Felicia.  Then she asked if the zucchi would have wings to which I replies yes.  Then she asked what Grandma Felicia was like.  I told her she was beautiful and she was incredibly loving and that we used to go over her house every Sunday for Pasta Zugu (spaghetti and sauce) and that she was the most incredible cook.

Next she asked where angels sleep.  I told her that they sleep in the clouds and that everyone is happy and loving in heaven.  Then we talked about Halos for quite a bit.  She wasn’t getting the concept for a while but I think she finally got it.  I told her they were circles of light that hover over your head when you are an angel.  She asked if they follow you around to which I replied yes.

Then I told her I was going to take my shower.  I kissed her on her forehead and told her sweet dreams like I always do.  And she always replies the same thing back- sweet dreams Fa-Fa (that’s what she calls me).

JJ Jinglenuts Latest Victim, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Luckily JJ’s victim was still hanging out in the same spot I had left him last night so I could get the picture for you guys.


  • Let me guess, is the zucchi now sleeping with the fishes?


  • dude…. that looks like a small rat to me….


  • If JJ Jinglenuts is a normal cat you have access to some Blue Jay wings. All you need is an industrial stapler and you’re all set:


  • well joey, for some reason i know all these stupid things that make me no money or do me any damm good but here it goes. It is said when a cat leaves it’s kill (bird ,mouse) whatever it may be on your porch , or in alot of cases (your) bed it is showing you it’s love by providing you with a meal. soooo my friend , chow down on j.j. jingle nuts provided meal for you. : )


    • I don’t know how long Mr Jingles is gonna last being an outdoor cat. There’s so many predators I only imagine that the hunter will become the hunted.


  • you would be surprised brother, there are cats around here that survive fine . and let me tell ya that a few dogs , racoons, and speeding cars is nothing compared to moutian lions, wild pigs, a few bears here and there, eight foor rattle snakes. and damm spiders the size of dinner plates. not to mention the deadly frogs, and huge lizzards. the redneckville i live in is a breeding grounds for weirdos, we had a 10 foot boa in our tree the other day . whille we were all looking at it the 97 year old lady up the street came and said “oh” baby iv’e been looking for you and got a ladder and got her damm snake. most people think of AZ. as flat desert, i always did anyway. well where i live all around us is mountians, we have 800lb elk that jump our fence to steal our horses hay when it’s cold. it was 52 degrees this morning, (but) by noontime it will be like 80 degrees. tons of wildlife right outside our back door, and i mean right outside our back door. during mating season i have to cary my shotgun to feed the horses because the wild pigs come to our field to (well you know). and those suckers will attack you . it’s like living back in the projects in boston, gangs of them attack for no reason . wholy crap i got off the subject (and great spelling) J.J. Jinglenuts will be fine outside brother . send me your address to the shop, Pam found you a t-shirt she said you have to have.


  • Joey the funny thing is, that Eloise is alot like Grandma Felicia, beautiful, loving, and very creative. She has the same love for cooking for others and making things for others as Grandma Felicia did. Guess we know who her guardian angel is !!


  • Joey, so happy you keep Grandma Felicia’s memory alive. I just wish Eloise could have known her. Grandma would get a big kick out of Eloise. She definetly has some of her genes with her creativity and giving nature. I loved how you handled the situdation and the story is beautiful. You should write a childrens book. Know you could do it. Actually when Eloise is old enough it would be a great school paper for her to write.


  • i bet you’re glad The Bean didn’t want to keep the zucchi until it “woke up” like she did that bee a while back……..


  • While the Bean is a lot like Grandma Felicia in the creativity department, she’s much more like ma and me with her neurosis.

    Grandma had no fear at all.


  • Joey, I was down Jodrey one night and saw some rats. They were so cute, what can I say I like furry things, and thay weren’t to much bigger then that. It looked like the real small ones were following the ones that were a little bit bigger them them. But I guess JJ did a good thing for you. It was pay-back for all the good things you do for him.


  • Joey, talking about mice, last August when I was on vacation I had a bat in my hall curtain, I lifted up the valance a little and he moved a little. They’re so cute. A little more fur than a small mouse. Well, I thought I had the whole thing under control. I pulled down the top window and tried to shake him out. Forgetting the valance was connected to the curtain,he wound up coming towards me instead of out the window. He & I danced in the hall for a while. I ran downstairs to open the screen door. But I couldn’t get him to go outside. Finally he got stuck in my landlords box he had in the hall with jars in it. He was caught in the box with wings open between the jars and side of the box. I carefully took the box outside and then closed the door so the dope wouldn’t go back inside. I got him freed. But it was awesome because his head was facing up and I saw his little teeth and boy was he making some ungodly noise. Looked like a sceen from Nightwing. At least he was able to fly away, he didn’t get hurt, in broad daylight. I have a couple of pictures of him but he’s under the valance so you can’t really tell it’s a bat. You can just see how big he is. My landlord left the second story window open because he’s redoing the place to rent out. I guess that’s what happens when you leave a window wide open and the house door open. He closes them now.


  • Thankis for sharing the neurosis thing with everyone


  • Only kidding. She has more of my traits than that. And I’m glad. Love cooking and creating with her. Remember when I was teaching her to knit at the Naples Beach?


    • How could I forget I did a slideshow of it and that’s exactly when I knew she was more like you than anyone.

      As incredible as Grandma with the wharf was, the Bean and you have a different set of characteristics. The Bean much like you HAS to create. Much like her father. If we don’t create we feel like we’re dying.


  • Thats right you did. I miss her so much. your right if we are not creating there is such a void. Can’t wait for your visit to Naples. We are going to have a ball with Ellie and Madeline


  • The only way to start my day is with a laugh from you, again Joey we thank you


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