Fishing Movie – “The End Of The Line”

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Click poster for more info.

GLOUCESTER * (978) 282-1988

SAT. OCT. 3 @ 1:30PM

The end of seafood by 2048? Some people think so. If it happens, will consumers have been to blame? Politicians who ignore the advice and pleas of scientists? Fishermen who break quotas and fish illegally? The global fishing industry? The film suggests some preventative solutions that are simple and doable, but does the world have the crucial political will to react in time, or is this whole “Inconvenient Truth” about our oceans just a big lie? Narrated by Ted Danson.

Part of the “DoctoberFest” Documentary Film Festival.


  • This documentary is a total crock of shit.


  • That’s what we want to hear at the discussion after the film. We chose the film not for what it says (it’s a corporate wolf-in-sheep’s clothing), but because it will get people talking.

    We’re planning a series of fishing movies for coming months – all meant to prompt constructive discussion – including “The Fish Belong To The People.” Input is welcome.


    • I’m very disapointed that this POS is being given a platform considering it is a total propoganda piece made to make fishermen look like criminals. It’s poor judgement IMO. I know hundreds if not thousands of fishermen and 90
      percent or more are very concerned and responsible. Just by reading the description they paint our fishermen as criminals.
      This is the equivalent of Mary Tyler Moore saying we shouldn’t eat lobsters because it’s not ethical. To give these people a platform is stupid and unresponsible.

      Fuck the filmaker and Fuck this film.


  • Ignoring the advice and pleas of “scientists”? Sharpen your elbows and fight for the government teet, boys. We’ll name Ted Danson captain of the team…And when the LNG companies come to town, Just give us a little kick back and we won’t say boo.


  • Good for you Joey. I agree. I mentioned a long time ago I felt like they were trying to shut down the fishery. Not to long ago I read I think in one of my fishing papers some fishermen or someone else saying my exact words. I’ve never seen anything so Fucked up. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure it out.


  • Although it is obviously biased, there’s an awful lot of negativity about this. I think we all need to learn what we are doing, as consumers or fisherman, and strive to leave something in the seas for our grandchildren.


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