Where Zat? Winner!

9-28-09 fullNow you know!

But first you have to read this very descriptive, funny (but very wrong) answer from paultmorrison-

“A granite pier with a high tide line then3 feet of freshly laid granite block above granite bricbrack with a nice colorful mural with a tail fin of a humpback or is it Thatcher Island and light streaming out of one of the lighthouses?

That must be sunrise just to the right of the light house so it has to be Thatcher painted from Good Harbor Beach or more east.

Or Ten Pound lighthouse and it’s sunset. Everyone thinks only sunsets are orange so I go with Ten Pound Island Light.

I will take a guess at the wall of the aquarium down at the Maritime Museum.”

Here’s this week’s winner-

Kay Ellis of the Lannon!

“It’s down the fort. Looking at the corner of the mural. We go by it every day on the Lannon!”

Congratulations, Kay! Come down to Joey’s dock at the end of the week and claim your prize!

Jay- You really didn’t know? You’re the one who pointed it out to me !!  —Sharon


  • That is my stream of consciousness method of trying to find the answer with limited data. I’m a scientist and that is me in a lab meeting right down to me getting the answer completely wrong but someone has to prove me wrong so we eventually get to the right answer.

    I’ve never seen the mural so nailing it as a lighthouse should give me at least a couple of brownie points. ;-O


  • Of course I knew ! I gave a hint “That’s were my dad and I used to go fishing…even though we were Portugee”! Way to go Kay! She didn’t need my hint!


  • That’s where I thought it was (but I’ve already won a t-shirt and wanted someone else to wear one joyfully — like I do). However, I never would have seen it if I hadn’t been on a Trails & Sails sail on the Lannon over the weekend. The sail was wonderful; something I’ve always wanted to do … T&S is a great way to experience our cape. Maybe next year I’ll get brave enough to ride in a dory.


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