Gloucester New Arts Festival 09 Events Schedule

Festival Events

Saturday the 26th3 PM
Jay Havighurst interactive sound sculptures at Stage Fort Park with a performance at 7-7:30 PM.

7-9 PM
‘The Ways You Flock’ – a 2 hour “singularity” for music duo Clairaudient and the public.

‘The ways you flock’ is inspired by flocking behavior as observed in birds – spontaneous individual actions that create complex large-scale forms. The piece is a transient re-making of Stage Fort Park into an imaginary version itself in which the public is directly involved… by flocking there. The New Arts Festival and Clairaudient invite any and all to come and take part in this piece by bringing safe light sources to illuminate their movements in the dark, and to create flocking patterns while the music plays. Don’t worry, simple instructions will be provided. Wear comfortable shoes and bring a light. Public can also just listen to the music and watch the spectacle unfold.

In the event of rain, saturday night’s event will become an indoor Clairaudient gig. Stay tuned for details.

Sunday the 27th4 PM
Blackburn Performing Arts
Featuring Bianca & Andria Bibiloni, Underwater Airport, and the White Box Project
1 Washington St., Gloucester MA

Sisters Bianca and Andria Bibiloni’s “D vs S” is an exploration of two opposing types of motion, deterministic and stochaic as they appear visually, in nature, and audibly through generated tones. together.

Also performing are Underwater Airport, a crystalline clear improvisational group influenced by shamanic trance music, 1960’s free jazz and psychedelia, ambient electronica, and world beat. They play with videographer Marc Lisle.

Boston-based Improvisational dance collective ‘The White Box Project’ headed by Michael Jahoda will perform throughout.

Plus Visual Art from Ayesha Fuentes (WA) beginning Friday the 25th at Green Life at 196 Main St. with a 4-hour drawing project, on view all weekend.

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