• Thanks, Joe. Now I’m starving…


  • Never heard of them but the wife says “Five Guys? The burgers are awesome!” (She rarely says awesome for anything except me.)

    Now I remember. She came back from a late meeting and said she had five guys last night and they were awesome …


  • Dimitri Papouliakos

    I dont know who reads this but Gia Sou. I think its a big Ntropi that Lowell “the Mill City” The birth place of the american induastrial revolution and a melting pot of etnicities that rivals that of the UN has been so terribly portrayed by this Blog. Gloucester is a wonderful city and the gracious people of lowell would never ever speak so disrespectfully about another blue collar town that we share so much in commom with. For example You have Portogue hill we have the Acre. Gloucester has heroin we have heroin and crack. you are on the Ocean we are on the the Merrimac. See we are the same. We may not deserve the quarter but we certainly were not a long shot. I think the fatal flaw for gloucester was that they used the Man at the wheel to define them. In the next round ..maybe for the state dime I think the powers to be should suggest “house of Mitch” I think it embodies Glucester in a more realistic light. I think the people of Hamilton would agree…


  • Yeah Lowell rocks

    Gloucester is nice too..

    But Hamilton is where you go to die!

    Well at least your spirit to live goes to hamilton to die!

    Fuck It could be Manchester by the Sea now thats a white hot spot light with no Burger joints


  • …”can’t we all just get along?” Quit the bashin and ready to party downtown!


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