More on The Massachusetts Quarter Travesty

photoi courtesy Donna Ardizzone

photoi courtesy Donna Ardizzone

I guarantee if you took an unbiased poll of people around the country, the recognition and association of The Man At The Wheel would be overwhelming in relation to some nondescript building in Lowell.

But what really gets me is the utter disregard for Gloucester in all things political.

The South Shore gets ridiculous amounts of money to fund projects at Woods Hole.  Some park that hardly anyone has ever heard of gets to bump off Gloucester on the Massachusetts quarter.  Our fishing industry gets reduced to a fraction of it’s former self.

All these other places get funding and recognition.

We should just line up all our citizens and let them kick us in the balls and get it over with.  It would be more painful at first but maybe we could get past it.

Where is our representation???

I hope to christ that they are on the phone screaming and taking someone’s head off.  Enough is enough.

If you are as disgusted as I am won’t you join me in writing the US Mint?

United States Mint
Office of Public Affairs
801 9th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20220-0001

thanks Renata Green for providing the address


  • I guess we have to “ASSume the Position”
    I’m sure there will be more comming from the Government.


  • Joey, it’s funny you mention writing the US Mint. After watching Mark Rings video I was thinking about asking you what you thought about getting a bunch of names either by walking the streets and asking for signatures or everyone getting to send their name into the blog or just some way to get a lot of signatures but I didn’t know who it would be sent to. So yes Joey, I’m with you. I WILL WRITE. If someone can come up with an idea to get names and you or anyone needs help, well, I’m there for that also. Just let me know. Something has to be done to let whatever asshole did this realize that Gloucester isn’t going to just say oh O.K. You changed it. That’s O.K. I wonder if someone got paid off.


  • I’ll write, too. The lack of respect and regard for the men in the women in the fishing industry is appalling. Gloucester was one of the first places I visited out here and it’s one of my favorites. I lived in the midwest for the first 40 years of my live and I was familiar with the man at the wheel. Post how we can help and I’m there.


  • Amazing. We should be writing Ann-Margaret Ferrante too. Here’s her email …


  • Thank you Joey for the information. I was thinking if Ted Kennedy was still with us, the phone call would be made and an answer back. You are right, Where is John Tierney, Bruce and Ann-Margaret. Will send the letter and also email our representation. Shame of the Feds… again


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