Lobster Meat At Cruiseport

Portside Grille At Cruiseport has been packed every single day.  One of the recurring things I’ve been noting when soliciting feedback from people about the Block Parties is that people really love alfresco dining.  Other than the Block Parties there are a few places you can really enjoy this type of dining around town -the Cruiseport unique-to-Gloucester sliding open frontage to the waterfront, Lobster Pool Restaurant in Folly Cove, the Rudder, the Studio, Latitude 43 deck and the Gloucester House.

Hopefully some group of downtown business owners get together and find a concensus as to how they would like to close Main Street to vehicular traffic on Friday and Saturday nights throughout the summer.  Gloucester Crossing will be opening soon.  It is of my opinion that the Downtown business owners really ought to start thinking about soliciting the city for the street closures as a way to differentiate and make Downtown Gloucester the destination it has been developing into.  They just need to take it to the next step.  It wouldn’t have to be a Block Party every summer weekend night but if the Block Parties showed anything it was that Gloucester is a social city and given the opportunity to see and be seen people will show up.

Lobster Meat At Cruiseport, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

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