Where Zat? WINNER! MIKE!

IMG_0181And the winner, Mike, guessed last night at 9:00:

“Upper Banjo at the dam”

It’s off 133 off to the left up Malcolm Rd. across from the Heights.

Hedge has a great map of where it is.

From Hedge

“This is the view that clued me into it. In my excitement, I forgot the word upper. My bad.

Good one this time!


You can almost match the “circular canopy” of the trees centered in your last clue to the ones on the side of this bing image.

I kept trying to find a place that would allow you to hear so many people talking in the background and it wasn’t until I saw this bing map with the house so close.

Keep them coming.

Congrats Mike.”

Well, that was fun! Stay tuned til next week. Monday at 12:00! And as always, thanks for playing!

One comment

  • I think it’s call Big Banjo and LePage’s pond is Little Banjp.

    I went to the Y camp L-N Earl when I was a kid, best time I ever had at Camp.


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