Figuring it out- for the techies

Well I’ve been obsessed with trying to improve the video quality for you guys.  My old camera, the one that grew with the blog since the inception only shot in standard definition and it had been gnawing at me.

So after selling some pictures at The Cormorant Shop and my old camera to good egg Brenda Malloy I bought myself the updated version of my old camera which shoots video in hi def.

There was a slight problem however.  I came to realize that although the video quality is leaps ahead of what I was producing before, most people couldn’t enjoy it because it was producing a huge file which bogged everyone’s computers down.  Frustrated….GRRRRRRR!

So I researched and researched and tried this and that and did more research and tinkered with some more stuff and finally I think I’ve got it down!

Look for part three of The offloading of the Angela Rose at the Gloucester Seafood Display Auction at 8AM.  I’m going to go back and recompress the other videos so people can actually watch them also.

Please let me know if the videos stream alright for you.

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