Rose’s Marine Shop

The morning before last one of our pumps that keep salt water flowing to the lobster tanks shit the bed.  It’s great to have places like Rose’s Marine where you know you can go and get what you need in marine industrial applications.

Rose’s Marine Shop, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

We use pacer pumps because the housings and impellers are made from hard plastic and are not prone to corrosion the way the old cast iron pumps were.  Rose’s had the pump in stock and set up with a three phase motor ready to swap right out for us.

Pacer Pump With Baldor Motor Set Up At Roses

Pacer Pump With Baldor Motor Set Up At Rose's

While there I talked to Marty and Frank.  Marty had Frank come right over to our dock to get some measurements for a new intake with footvalves.  Within an hour Frank had a whole new foot valve put together and clamped to teh hose and we were back in business.
You can’t begin to imagine what a resource a place like Rose’s is in our town and how they keep the wheels spinning.  Without the knowledgeable and friendly staff our town wouldn’t be nearly as accommodating to visiting vessels and home port vessels alike.
Lobster pot rope, bait bags, gaffes, flags and more

Lobster pot rope, bait bags, gaffes, flags and more


  • hey brother, you could not even begin to imagine the times i needed a part for my boat or had a question conserning the running gear , shaft , prop, ect. ect. and the guy’s at rose marine were their to help me . all of the guy’s in their are great at answering your questions and if they don’t know something you can belive they will find out for you. their is no way i could have survived running my lobster boat with out rose marine. when i “needed” to haul out my boat it was always , WHEN IS IT GOOD FOR YOU ! never you can do it this day or that day. the owner frank is a real stand up guy and is always their to help everyone. great job joe , rose’s marine deserves a pat on the back without them the whole fleet would sure be slowed down .


  • There a good outfit. It’s strange Joey your pump went. I don’t know if you remember me mentioning a few weeks ago about a movie I watched called Brooklyn Lobster. It’s about a lobster pound dealer who almost looses the business but saves it at the end. I think his pumps go also or a boat hits something. It is based on a true story. I forget the name of the original company out of New York.


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