Beautiful Industry- Salted Pogies

Picked up some lobster bait this morning for our boats.  Our guys prefer herring to pogies as pogies get extremely greasy and make working on the deck of the boats dangerous.  Once that pogie juice gets on the deck it’s literally as if you were walking around on a pond covered with axle grease.

Salted Pogies

Salted Pogies


  • Joey — where can i buy fresh pogies?



    • You can buy salted pogies at Cape Seafood. I imagine if you check with them- 978-283-8522 they could tell you when they get fresh pogies in.


  • Axle grease Joey. Is that like WD-40. …lol… Have you used the WD-40 yet on your hauler or are you still waiting for me to show you how to use it. Kathleen and I, she doesn’t know this yet, want another video from your dock bringing up a trap. So we will be able to hear for ourselve if it’s half way quiet. Only teasing Joey.


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