Rob and Kristin Parsons Lobster Rolls

Rob and Kristin Parsons submitted these photos of their lobster rolls.  While I give high marks for the omission of lettuce, celery and other filler, the buns seem to have been left on the grill pan just a tad too long.  A little more lobstermeat and a little less time on the grill would bring these lobster rolls into the upper echelon of lobster roll presentation.

you can check out Rob and Kristen’s blog by clicking this text


  • Joey,

    I knew that would be the critique when I sent you those photos. Damn it all!

    I almost positioned the buns in such a way that you couldn’t see that they were overcooked just a tad, now I wish I had. Also, you only have so much “leftovers” to work with, and I wanted 2 rolls for myself! Either way, Capt. Joe’s lobsters are the best, understuffed/overcooked bun or no! HA!



  • I’d eat one! Or maybe three! Looks good Rob.

    Nate Grace


  • Now I look at those, and think how awesome the crunchy rolls are like that…


  • would give my left arm for one of those….we have imitation ones here in jeresy and once you have had em on the cape…well there’s no going back..unless you do.


  • those look good but the best are at the Choate Bridge Pub in Ipswich


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