Where Zat Answer-

DSC_1372 [640x480]

Whoa! Everyone got it right! Paul, humble as he is :),identified it first. Are you accepting the prize, Paul??

Here’s what people said-

capeannpainter:”Rockport Harbor either that or Lanes Cove. ;]”

Robert Blazewicz: “Location: Rockport, boat launch off of Mt Pleasent St, between T Wharf and Bearskin Neck looking toward Bearskin Neck and one of my grandparent’s Rockport residences, the squat one.” (Hey, this must be Jessica’s dad!)

capeannpainter: “I know where it is but I Ain’t saying.
It’s not Lane’s Cove. And it’s not in Gloucester.
Sharon will yell at me for winning another prize.”

Jade: “Is this in the little cove off of Bearskin Neck?”

Kelly Howard:”Hi! I know the location of “Where’s Zat” #30.
It is Rockport Harbor, along Bearskin Neck.”

Hedgie:”Dock Square Boat Ramp in Rockport looking toward Bearskin Neck.
Recognized Sharon watching the parade near Dock Square as we were marching by. Thanks for supporting Rockport!”

Dana:”That looks like a view from Rockport boat ramp at Dock Square looking toward Bearskin Neck”

Well that was fun! See you next week! —Sharon

About Sharon

My passions include photography, music, people, teaching, learning, taking risks and asking "I wonder what would happen if I..."
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One Response to Where Zat Answer-

  1. Let someone else enjoy the spoils.
    Being right is all the reward I need.

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