Where Zat Answer-

DSC_1372 [640x480]

Whoa! Everyone got it right! Paul, humble as he is :),identified it first. Are you accepting the prize, Paul??

Here’s what people said-

capeannpainter:”Rockport Harbor either that or Lanes Cove. ;]”

Robert Blazewicz: “Location: Rockport, boat launch off of Mt Pleasent St, between T Wharf and Bearskin Neck looking toward Bearskin Neck and one of my grandparent’s Rockport residences, the squat one.” (Hey, this must be Jessica’s dad!)

capeannpainter: “I know where it is but I Ain’t saying.
It’s not Lane’s Cove. And it’s not in Gloucester.
Sharon will yell at me for winning another prize.”

Jade: “Is this in the little cove off of Bearskin Neck?”

Kelly Howard:”Hi! I know the location of “Where’s Zat” #30.
It is Rockport Harbor, along Bearskin Neck.”

Hedgie:”Dock Square Boat Ramp in Rockport looking toward Bearskin Neck.
Recognized Sharon watching the parade near Dock Square as we were marching by. Thanks for supporting Rockport!”

Dana:”That looks like a view from Rockport boat ramp at Dock Square looking toward Bearskin Neck”

Well that was fun! See you next week! —Sharon

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