Jason Favaloro wins Friday greasy pole

2009 Friday Greasy Pole winner Jason Favaloro

Sorry for the rough quality. I will post a High Definition version when I have some time.


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7 Responses to Jason Favaloro wins Friday greasy pole

  1. Frank says:

    Mike that was FRIGGIN AWESOME

  2. Joey says:

    For always and ever they’ll never take it away from you Jason. A Greasy Pole Champion Forever!


    Thanks To Mike Lindberg For Producing This!

    Great work from the GMG staff for Fiesta!!!!!!!

    Lots of work to get it to you first!!!!!


  3. Neena says:

    Great video! Just stumbled across this site. What friggin’ fun.

  4. The Rabbit says:

    Bring’s a tear to my eyes thinking of all those years past on boats watching the dance of grease. Great work MIKE!

  5. jason favaloro says:

    thank you to whoever made this! gives me the chills watching it. ill cherish it for a long time. if anyone has any more pics or vids id love to get in contact with u and figure out a way to possibly get my hands on them!!! everyone have a great and safe fiesta 09! thanks!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great job Friday. I will burn you a DVD of the video in higher resolution.


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