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The Hive Gallery Opening July 10th 7-10PM

The eagerly anticipated opening of The Hive Cape Ann will take place July 10th from 7-10PM.  I’m hoping to make it and you should too!

About Hive


Hi There

The Hive is equal parts working studio, gallery event space & clubhouse for the younger generation of Cape Ann creative folk. We formed early in 2009 to encourage art & idea collaborations, support systems and the creation of links between individuals and their community as a whole.



The Hive seeks to build community by providing a space for arts exploration, cross-pollination of ideas and promoting creative and active lifestyles on Cape Ann.


Our Blog

This blog is our mainline of communication. Content ranges from what’s happening at the The Hive, to what our contributing artists are currently working on, to general info of what’s going on on Cape Ann and the surrounding area.


Artists & Community

We are a pretty diverse crew, ranging both in our artistic styles as well as our passions. However, we find common ground in our vision to unite the creative & active community and make Cape Ann a more unique place. Check out our profiles to learn more about us.



For a place that has such a rich history with the arts, sometimes it feels like the current scene is much too focused on traditional fine art and is lacking on support for new mediums. Our gallery at The Hive sprouted from the fact that we have so many local friends doing interesting work, without a clear venue to show it.

Salvy Benson Medley From Kitt Cox

From Kitt Cox-
“The idea was this….
I got to know Salvi when I worked for many years cooking at Sailor Stan’s. Two guys, two different backgrounds but we hit it off pretty well, especially when it came to relating the tales of our lives (it was my father who famously said, “any damn fool can tell the truth”).
It was also during my Rocky Neck years that the inspiration for both the song and the Sunny FishCakes (that name appeared to me on some barely decipherable ticket for a breakfast order that some waitron had just scribbled out).
So flash forward to this winter when we gathered musicians and friends into our West Gloucester home to record the song I’d been inspired to write by Salvi. Fisherman’s Ale and fiery burritos and a couple live take son the recording machine and we had our song, shaped by each of those present that evening. With the microphone still on, Sal shared his memories of the Greasy Pole and all of the fine folks and adventures his thoughts brought back. Doc Vincent caught it all and put the sound through his wayback machine.We had a blast making this recording and hope you’ll find something in it for you, too.”

Click Picture To View Video

Click Picture To View Video

True Few- Jr. Women’s Champs!

From the Gloucester Daily Times

By Nick Curcuru
Staff Writer

The True Few dueled with On the Rise the entire way out to the flag. It was a back and forth battle with both crews gaining their share of small leads. To top it all off, both crews went into the turn at the same time.

The True Few, however, came away with a slight lead thanks to a slick turn from scuttler Joe Balbo. A few strokes later, The True Few built a boat lead, another 100 yards further, the eventual champions extended their lead to three boats. By the time they hit the beach, The True Few turned the championship race from a deadlock at the halfway mark, to a resounding win of more than five boats by the time the race was finished.

Oar’ Dacious Wins!

Up until 11:30 yesterday morning Debbie Giacalone Kelly was prepared to coach the crew on to victory. But then she got the call that a rower had injured her arm and could Debbie take her place. Debbie hadn’t rowed in 2 years. Her arm’s been bothering her. But she said “Yes” and the rest is history! The crew celebrated at the Dog Bar in style! What a night!

Congratulations to the Oar’Dacious crew!

Read the Times coverage here.

Essex at Dawn- 4:30AM 6/26/09

This is the Essex River and Hog Island, directly across the street from where the Adam Sandler movie “Grown Ups” was being filmed last week.  I went early in the morning and set up the tripod at 4:30 AM to take this dawn picture and to get a feeling for how accessible the set of Woodman’s was going to be.  I didn’t feel like getting tossed from the set like the day before.  So as I saw folks coming and going and I took this picture, I popped my head in to see the crew of people working like mad to put the inside of Woodman’s back together after filming all last week inside the building.

Essex at Dawn- 4:30AM 6/26/09, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Adam Sandler Movie Grown Ups Set Location Update- Woodmans Essex, Ma 4:37AM 6/26/09

Yesterday morning I went back to Woodman’s to get some pictures when everyone was asleep or there was a skeleton crew but to my surprise there was a crew of about 20 people working feverishly to put the place back together to reopen for the weekend after filming all last week.

Crew Gets Woodmans Ready To Reopen after Shooting Adam Sandler Movie

Electricians Work To Get Woodmans Ready For Reopening After Filming Adam Sandler Movie Grown Ups

Electricians Work To Get Woodman's Ready For Reopening After Filming Adam Sandler Movie Grown Ups

Adam Sandler Movie Grown Ups, Set Location Woodmans 4:37AM 6/26/09

Adam Sandler Movie Grown Ups, Set Location Woodman's 4:37AM 6/26/09