• Joey this is absolutely fascinating! I don’t eat seafood, so these questions might be dumb, but here goes: would this lobster be edible at the present time? how long would it take for the new shell to harden? what do you, as a dealer, do with a newly-molted lobster? do you have to separate it into another tank?

    I bet LobsterLady will enjoy this; I know I certainly did!

    Again, thanks for the “education.”


    • The lobster is totally edible when cooked and really sweet. They won’t last in the tanks if you put them in with stronger lobsters because they get eaten right away by the stronger lobsters. We toss them overboard once they die.


  • Oh, by the way …. I love the new format you have for the videos!


  • you need to join my facebook so my friends can see all this stuff


  • This is interesting, I always wondered what the process is. Man, that’s got to be a tough to go through that.


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