Blue Tinted Lobster

Dave Jewell brought in this blue tinted lobster.  It isn’t nearly as blue as some of the other ones we’ve got in the past but I thought I’d throw the pic up anyway to add to the collection.  To see the mutated lobster and crab slide show click this text

Blue Tinted Lobster, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


  • That time of year again….. Just read this blog ( ) about the “perfect” lobster roll.

    Wonder how they compare to your Mrs. Perfect Lobster Rolls!

    Now I’m hungry again!


    • I misplaced an apostrophe in there. It should read “Mrs.’s” or possibly

      “Mrs.’s ‘Perfect Lobster Rolls'”


      • Perfect??? Don’t you mean all time worlds greatest??????? Post coming up at 2PM to address this ridiculous posturing by Maine lobster roll destroyers.


  • Beautiful lobster. I love the second picture of his eyes. By the way, I was reading Tuesdays Gloucester Daily Times and when I turned the page I thought that looks like Joey. And low and behold when I finished turning the page I saw the article you wrote. It was a great article. Gee Joey, your so talented. Writing articles for the paper, putting my slide show together. Always something new. Excellent.


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