LobsterLady Represents!

LobsterLady AKA Elaine shows some GMG love.  Elaine has been a fan from the beginning and what would GMG be without the folks like you who enjoy the blog, leave comments and participate?  It’s what lets us know that people are still interested and motivates us to keep trying to make it better all the time.

Thanks LobsterLady and thank you to all the folks who participate on these pages.

LobsterLady Represents!, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

One comment

  • aka Elaine Marie Lapointe. Let’s see. I was thinking of changing my name back to Lapointe. Only thing is my initials are under my tattoo. EMS. Maybe I could have an L put under the M. Oh , life’s so tough at times. Such hard decisions to make. …lol… Only joking life is good. Good thing I don’t run the country boy. Gee, should we attack or let it slide. We’d be in big trouble. Just like Joey is for posting that hideous picture. Joey, I’ll deal with you later. …lol… Only kidding Joey. You’re a.o.k. in my books. Anyone else says otherwise and I’ll have to slap them upside the head. Then they’ll be in big trouble….lol…


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