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GMG Artist Spotlight – Earl & Arch




Little Suburban Town on the Water ©2005

Here is another installment of GMG Artist Spotlight. Earl & Arch sing a song about growing up in Gloucester, MA. Earl will be performing at Captain Carlos Thursday evening with Exit 11 for the JJ Nicastro Foundation Benefit. Arch however is in Florida as his wife is expecting any day now. We wish them best wishes with the new baby.

LobsterLady Represents!

LobsterLady AKA Elaine shows some GMG love.  Elaine has been a fan from the beginning and what would GMG be without the folks like you who enjoy the blog, leave comments and participate?  It’s what lets us know that people are still interested and motivates us to keep trying to make it better all the time.

Thanks LobsterLady and thank you to all the folks who participate on these pages.

LobsterLady Represents!, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Sorry Charlie

In the past couple of days I’ve gotten a few emails from a person I really think the world of.  This woman is smart, sweet and well meaning but for the sake of answering what some may be thinking collectively in one post instead of individual emails I’ll address some of their concerns here.

This woman has been bothered by the potty humor or cursing that sometimes appears on GMG, written mainly by me.  She went on to tell me that she fears I’ll lose the GMG audience and it reflects poorly on me and the town.

Here is my respectful response to my friend who was bothered by the What Would You Do? post yesterday-

I’m sorry you didn’t find it amusing but I did.  Maybe that’s what my humor level is- like a third grader.  The blog had the highest amount of hits in one single day ever just yesterday, the day you wrote this email.

I appreciate all your comments and have the highest respect for you but I won’t compromise what the blog is to try to please everyone and bastardize it in a way to make it sterile and uninteresting from my perspective.  If I was getting paid to sell out my style and be the face of the city or the chamber of commerce or some other business group I would write it from that perspective but that isn’t what GMG is or ever promised to be.

The tag line from day one has been  “My view from the dock” and if the potty humor or the not-so-pretty side of things bothers you then I don’t know what to say except I will not compromise what I’m writing or posting for the sake of anyone. It is what it is- the good, bad and ugly.

GMG Local Music Schedule June 22-June 28


Remember you can subscribe to GMG Local Music by clicking on the link on the sidebar.There’s lots of good music in Gloucester this week. This post will be updated as info comes in.


Latitude 43

Dog Bar

Rhumb Line

Capt. Carlo’s


From Dave Sag

Rhumb Line Thursday Night Blues Party

Well, it’s that time, again; good ol’ Fiesta is almost here, and I’m almost there. So, in keeping with tradition(?) Have I got a guy for you. Mr. Brad Foucher, glitarist of the axis mundi, will be appearing and disappearing all night long this Thursday nite wailing and speaking in tongues, trying to get it right. This guy is to traditional blues as Birdseye is to frozen fish.A good place to be as an alternative to greasy sausage and cotton candy.


From Mike Lindberg

Exit 11 w/ Earl Foote (Gloucester till the end Fame)

Captain Carlo’s Thursday

JJ Nicastro Foundation Benefit

Mike Lindberg/ Peter Malaquias/ Jim Frontiero/ Frank Gentile

Groove Captain Carlos Friday Night

Get your groove On!


Earl Foote / Mike Lindberg / Peter Malaquias

Saturday Night

Earl’s Original Songbook

Sorry Archie could not make it. His wife is in Labor in Florida.


Gull 1________________________________________________________________________________
From Mike O’Connell
Dogbar Fiesta Friday 26 Mike O’Connell Band

Hey to all! This weekend here in Gloucester is Fiesta Weekend, and Band heads into Dogbar. This weeks act,, First we have coming off his “Drum Week” at Berklee Performance Shows will be the magical and exhausted Joey”6 Red Bulls”Scrima… Tempos are gonna fly,, Also, we have of course.. Cliff “Hidden Agenda”Spencer on Keyboards! (Hope he left Dont Stop Believing at The Vineyard) And Wow! We have Borderland “Bar Tab Boy” Chrissy”Slim Pickin’s”Houston on Bass Guitar, Closed Eyes, and Earplugs…Yeaaah, and also, Gloucester Native Guitar Frontman Jason “Kung Fu/Grasshopper”Aptt doing his Foolishness for you. I will also be there recovering from the multiple stab wounds and other Nonsense, Ouch. Yah gotta love these Backstabbers, speaking of love, we Love You and we need your support! Band starts at 9 come early!  Traffic and Parking will be hectic, so allow some time,  Please watch For Mike & The Backstabbers “Ides of March” 2010 Tour Dates followed by the new live record Et Tu Brute- Live And Bleedin”
Have a great Fiesta Weekend, MO’C
Maybe Uncle Jeffrey will also make a show of Orange Ear Plugs and Badgering too.
VIVA FIESTA_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Fiesta Saturday with SAFETY!
“After the greasy pole, come see what everyone’s talking about.”
safetyfiesta3 copy

Saturday, June 27 at 9:00pm
Latititude 43°


From Barbara and Al Boudreau


This Sunday JEFF GALINDO brings his dynamic trombone to the bandstand for a night of unbelievable horn music like you’ve never heard.a leading professor of BERKLEE MUSIC COLLEGE he plays with all the best big bands in the area. Check out the big man with the big sound. The music starts at 5pm

We will be having another great lineup for the Studio this season. I have a few new players added to the roster this year; Greg Abate will be coming as well as the new young lion; Mike Tucker, two exceptional sax players.

Looking forward to seeing and and goofing-off with you all this upcoming season…….Stay well……….Best,    Barb & AL




(978) 283-4123 or go to the website at:


Thu, June 25, 8:00PM
ROCKPORT CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL ” Jupiter String Quartet and Mary Persin, Viola

Thu, Jun 25, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
ROCKY NECK ART COLONY Artist in Residence Gallery Talk

Fri, Jun26, 6:00PM
ROCKPORT CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL “Prelude Lecture Series: Princeton University

Concert Series Director Nathan Randall”
Fri, Jun 26, 8:00 PM

Sat, Jun 27, 10:00AM
ROCKPORT CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL Free 45 Minute Concert “Biava String Quartet”

Sat, Jun 27, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
BEAUPORT, SLEEPER-MCCANN HOUSE ” Capturing Historic Houses” Sawyer Free

Sat, Jun 27, 8:00PM
ROCKPORT CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL “Biava Quartet with Quynh Mguyen, Piano”

Tue, Jun 30, 8:00PM

Sun, Jun 28, 5:00PM
ROCKPORT CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL “Boston Symphony Chamber Players”



Madfish Grille FINALLY!!

“Mile 21” on Friday, June 26 at 9:30pm.

“Hope Road” on Saturday, June 27 at 9:30pm.

“Reggae Sunday Night” on Sunday, June 28 at 8:30pm.

Rocky Neck


Exit 11 w/ Earl Foote (Gloucester till the end Fame) Captain Carlo’s Thursday JJ Nicastro Foundation Benefit Mike Lindberg Peter Malaquias Jim Frontiero Frank Gentile

Captain Carlos Friday Night
Get your groove On!

Earl Foote / Mike Lindberg / Peter Malaquias Camerons Saturday Night Earl’s Original Songbook Sorry Archie could not make it. His wife is in Labor in Florida.

The Farm Bar And Grille Burrito

The Boys At The Farm Bar and Grille are still killing it!  Last night I popped in with my buddy Brian and I saw no less than 7 people from Gloucester sitting around the bar and the place was packed at 8:30PM on a drizzly Tuesday night.

The Farm Bar And Grille Burrito, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Fiesta Faces – Last Night’s Novena

Even with the rain, the former Doyon’s was packed. Father Garaboldi and Father Harrison greeted the participants, young and elderly. Greg Cook’s new baby is adorable. Santo Militello looks healthy and tanned. Tony Testaverde told me about his new Fiesta walking stick that he wants photos of on Friday.

Although the walk from St. Peter’s Square to the end of Beach Ct. was wet, several people followed the statue through the streets to hear Father Garaboldi pray for the fishermen lost this year.

Now we need to pray for sunshine and good weather for the rest of Fiesta!

Hallie Baker – Proprietor Of Turtle Alley

If you are anything like the dozens of people I’ve heard complaining daily about how depressing the weather has made them then I have the solution.

Head over to Turtle Ally and drown your crappy weather induced misery in some decadent chocolate treats hand made by Hallie Baker.

Video coming later