What would you do?

Here’s the scenario-

I go to a restaurant to grab a quick lunch before heading home from the dock.
I order a soda water w/lime and a burger and head to the bathroom to wash my hands after being at the dock all morning.  So after trying to open the mens room door I find it locked so I step aside and wait for whoever is in there to finish thier business (always an akward situation).
The fella opens the door and storms past me and I head in only to find a ginormous crap in the bowl. It was so big it curled around the bowl like a freaking python.

Now I wasn’t going in there to pinch a loaf, I was simply going in to wash my hands but now it’s gonna look like it was me that left that huge steamy turd.

I tried to flush the toilet using my foot but it wouldn’t go down.

Would you alert the manager and risk them thinking it was you that left the present behind or would you ignore it as if you never saw it?


  • OMG–it’s Mr Hanky The Christmas Poo! I don’t know whether to laugh or puke regarding that post………..


  • Be proud…claim it’s yours…beat your chest and scram!


  • You are too funny Joey……… too funny


  • Don’t you think it depends on the restaurant where this occurs. Halibut Point…I alert the
    manager, McDonalds or Wendy’s, I wash my hands and then enjoy my burger. Is it a “one stall per restaurant” place, or a lot of stalls available, I voted Alert the Manager, based on these conditions. What did you do Joey? Life is constantly testing us with these great decisions,
    isn’t it?


    • It was a one stall restaurant. Really not even a stall at all, one small bathroom with a toilet and sink. I ignored it, because I figure that I woulda got blamed for it with a “yeah right” from the manager.


  • I love GMG and these types of posts are one of the many reasons. I was seriously laughing out loud, along, in my office this morning. I think I’m actually glad that no one was around because then I would have to explain why I was laughing so hard. I don’t even have a clue what I would do but thanks for making me laugh first thing this morning. I hadn’t even had my coffee yet!


  • Run away! Run away!


  • hey it’s natural LEt the manager know! He’d only be aware more how shi*%ty his job really is!


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