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Chickity Check It!- Chamber Of Commerce Online Auction

Planning is underway for the 22nd Annual Goods & Services Auction! Don’t miss this great night of fun and great deals! Don’t forget to check-out the on-line Auction at (on-line Auction website to be activated in June 2009).

Items featured in the On-Line Auction will be marked with an “On-Line Auction Icon”. Click the icon to go to the On-Line Auction.

Click The Picture to Go To The Online Auction

Click The Picture to Go To The Online Auction

The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce is grateful to the hundreds of generous donors who support the auction and provide bidders such fabulous options.

Krush Puppy In The Box

Derby was a blast as usual although I was exhausted and didn’t get the interviews that I really enjoy doing because I just didn’t have the energy.

Krush Puppy In The Box, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Bloodbath Bettie
Mrs Dash, Bedlam Belle and Killary Clinton

Let Er Go, The Plan B Seine Boat

The Let Er Go is the seine boat for the Plan B.  The seine boat is loaded up on the stern of the Plan B through the slot where the guy in the orange shirt is standing.  When they approach the school of herring the Plan B will lower the Let Er Go into the water.  The Let Er Go will set the seine in a circle around the school as quickly as possible.  A seine net creates a cylinder in the water around the school.  Then the net is pursed up at the bottom and makes the net from a cylinder into a purse (hopefully with the fish caught inside).